Cat is returned to its owner months after going missing before a transatlantic flight

For weeks, a woman was looking for her three-year-old cat Teddy who she lost at an airport during a trip between Paris and Los Angeles.

And to everyone’s surprise, Teddy was finally found thanks to a great concerted effort!

The story, reported by TV channel RTL was heartbreaking. In July 2021, Aurore was on her way to Los Angeles from Paris.

The French citizen was traveling to join her husband, who relocated to the USA for professional reasons.

However, she could not board the cabin with her pet, instead, another flight had to transport the cat to the United States.

Teddy goes missing

Once in Los Angeles, after a long flight and much waiting, Aurore was surprised to find Teddy’s cage damaged and empty!

Invited to a TV show, Teddy’s owner told her story. Saddened by the disappearance of her pet, she wanted an investigation to be conducted to find Teddy.

Initially, the young woman first solicited the help of the airline company, yet her requests fell on deaf ears. A friend even went to the company’s French headquarters to get some explanations but to no avail.

Consequently, Aurore ended up wondering if Teddy had stayed in France or if the feline had still been able to reach the United States.

Determined to find her dear kitten, Aurore posted messages on social networks hoping that someone would provide clues as to Teddy’s whereabouts, still, she heard nothing.

Teddy never left

After weeks without news, Aurore painfully resigned herself, never to see her cat again. Finally, however, a phone call changed the situation. Aurore explained:

“I received an unexpected call. A person, Cecilia, contacted me via the Facebook page and then on WhatsApp. I immediately recognized Teddy on the videos she sent me”.

The cat was finally found in France, only eight kilometers from the terminal where she should have boarded her flight for Los Angeles. Cecilia, the rescuer, explains how she found Teddy:

 “It is especially she who came to us; she took refuge near our home, and one day, the feeling passed, I gave her food and set up a little bed.

While researching across the Internet, Cecilia discovered the story of Teddy’s disappearance and contacted Aurore.

Today, Teddy has undergone several examinations and lost 400g. Aurore confides:

“I want to thank all the people who worked to find Teddy.”

The mobilization of people’s goodwill and care allowed this story to have a happy ending.

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