This 18-year-old abandoned cat found a loving home

Older cats that arrive at shelters are often ignored by their adopters. But this sweet-faced tomcat and a selfless woman have found each other and are determined to enjoy life together.

In Newbury, England, Cats Protection has a specialization in fostering and placing elderly cats for adoption.

Dizzy, an 18-year-old black male, came to the shelter around his birthday. His owners had given him up due to urinary issues that raised questions about his sanitation.

The shelter’s veterinarians treated him and resolved the problem for good. Dizzy was affectionate with everyone but preferred a quiet environment.

Dawn Green, a project manager, was going through a challenging situation at the same time.

A few months prior, her cherished fourteen-year-old pet, Pyewacket, had to be put to sleep. The poor animal was in excruciating pain and no amount of care could ease it.

To open a new chapter, Dawn was looking for a new pet. Because she had previously adopted her deceased cat from Cats Protection, she naturally returned to the shelter.

However, this time around, Dawn asked for a mature cat, she told BBC News:

“I was going through a rough patch and didn’t feel like I had the energy to keep up with a kitten. I was really looking for company rather than a playful bundle of excitement.”

A seamless match

When Dawn made her wishes known, the Cats Protection staff felt that Dawn would be Dizzy’s ideal adoptive parent because of her education and experience.

So they introduced Dawn and Dizzy, and the two had instant chemistry.

Dawn compares Dizzy to a comfort blanket, precisely what the 52-year-old needs. Besides, she’s entertained by the feline’s little mannerisms, she explains:

“He’s really too long to sit on your lap or curl up into a ball, so he lies on my thigh like a panther with his legs hanging down each side.”

Dizzy is a creature of habits; he sticks with what he knows. His mistress recounts:

“Another funny trait is his preference for only coming back in through the door he went out, and he will consequently sit next to his preferred door for hours even though there is another open right next to him.”

It sounds like this puss might be superstitious. Who knows?

Since the adoption, the duo has been taking full advantage of each other, providing what the other needs.

As a result, Dizzy lives in comfort and is truly pampered, likewise, his new owner benefits from a loving and sympathetic presence.

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