A man holds a huge calico cat in his arms.

Meet Samson: who is officially the biggest cat in New York City!

A Maine Coon cat named Samson has earned a special title in New York City. Since 2016, the Guinness Book of Records has recognized the kitty as the city’s biggest cat. Ten-year-old Samson certainly deserves his title, this impressive feline weighs no less than twenty-eight pounds and measures an impressive four feet. Jonathan Zurbel, the … Read more

A black dog curled up with six kittens.

When she needs a break this mother cat brings her litter to her dog roommate to mind

A mother cat has found an unlikely babysitter to take care of her young kittens. To catch a break she leaves her litter in the company of the house dog. The video of the dog watching over the kittens has Tiktok viewers gushing about the adorable scene.   Becoming a parent is nothing short of … Read more

A large group of people gathered outside a home.

Come to Minneapolis and enjoy a unique cat-seeing tour that showcases the local felines

Every year, an unusual event draws folks to Minneapolis: the annual Wedge Cat Tour. The tour is advertised as a walking tour of the neighborhood to see cats, mainly in the windows of apartments and homes. John Edwards created this odd gathering six years ago to mixed reactions. The most surprising fact? Edwards himself doesn’t … Read more

Two images: One of a black cat jumping from a fifth story window and one of it running away.

Daring cat survives a jump from the fifth floor of a burning building

In Chicago, Illinois, a cat jumped out of a fifth-floor window to escape an apartment on fire. The brave puss surprisingly survived the scary leap without a scratch. On May 13th, 2021, an apartment caught fire in a building in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, as the fire was spreading, onlookers called the emergency services. The Chicago … Read more

A tabby cat sits inside of a pet carrier.

Cat is returned to its owner months after going missing before a transatlantic flight

For weeks, a woman was looking for her three-year-old cat Teddy who she lost at an airport during a trip between Paris and Los Angeles. And to everyone’s surprise, Teddy was finally found thanks to a great concerted effort! The story, reported by TV channel RTL was heartbreaking. In July 2021, Aurore was on her … Read more

A black and white cat surrounded by shoes

This sneaky shoe-thief cat has stolen over eighty shoes from his neighborhood

Most cats enjoy bringing deceased animals or food to their owners but, Jordan, a little cat from Altoona, Pennsylvania, collects something very different: shoes. In fact, the feline has become a local celebrity due to his peculiar hobbies. Jordan’s latest pastime is sneaking out after dark to retrieve shoes stolen from neighboring homes. To find … Read more

A white and orange cat clings to a man's head.

Choupette the cat has incredibly traveled across France on her owner’s head

Choupette, a ten-year-old cat, gained notoriety for exploring French regions perched on her owner Joseph’s head. Joseph Zappia and Choupette reside in Joeuf, France. The man does not want to leave his cat home during his trips, so he brings her everywhere. When they travel, they certainly do not go unnoticed. The pair’s trademark? Choupette … Read more

Two images, one of a white cat and one of the cat turned yellow.

A woman accidentally turned her cat yellow with a homemade turmeric treatment

A  woman noticed an infection developing on her cat’s paws. Consequently, she decided to treat her puss with a dose of turmeric. The result was beyond her wildest expectations as the patient turned neon yellow! Pets owners must closely follow their companions’ health status, so daily inspections are part of the routine. In Thailand, cat … Read more