Cat Island, the Chinese island turned into a safe haven for stray cats and abandoned pets

Stray cats have been given an atypical home on “Cat Island,” a shelter unlike any other, situated on a small lake island in China.

Since then, some of the residents have found permanent homes

While the project is still in its infancy stage, a small number of island residents have found permanent homes. The shelter management wishes to welcome more cats and finalize more adoptions.

Last September, the brand-new animal refuge for cats opened in Shanghai, eastern China. The facility is on a small island, situated in the middle of a lake in Laogang Town, Pudong.

Prior to its conversion into a stray kittens sanctuary, a project founded jointly by various foundations and organizations, the area was a landfill.

According to Shine, this area, approximately 600 square meters in size, has become the home to dozens of stray cats. The animals are allowed to roam freely.

 While in foster care, they receive the love and attention necessary to flourish until they are placed in permanent homes.

In reality, most of these pusses are alley cats from the central urban area of Shanghai, the Chinese megapolis. Citizens of the area found those kittens and brought them to the refuge.

Upon arrival, the felines undergo screening, sterilization, and behavioral evaluations. When the opportunity arises, healthy, socialized, and ready-to-be-adopted kitties are placed into loving families.

Cats Island, which is only accessible by a closed bridge, provides abandoned animals with a secure place to live. The felines living in the shelter have access to a wide variety of amenities, such as a sizeable cattery that is comfortably furnished.

In addition, several activities take place outside. Besides, a program capture-neuter-release program is implemented to lower the island’s population of cats and preserve the island’s natural ecosystem.

Cats Island is more than an animal refuge

At the same time, Shanghai also opened its first facility dedicated stray cat management center and stray animal education onsite.

This establishment is operated by Zha Zhenliang of the Shanghai Stray Cat Management Center.

“Away from urban hustle and bustle and vehicles, it provides a shelter for stray cats without the danger of hunger and disease,” said Zha Zhenliang

Furthermore, visitors can participate in charity events and learn about scientific nutrition, illness prevention, and the community’s Trap Neuter Release (TNR) strategy for stray dogs and cats at the facility.

Through the “Our Pet” WeChat app, they can also play games, learn about the cats hosted in the shelter, and eventually adopt them.

People who want to adopt stray cats, need to participate in volunteer service to ensure they are suitable to provide a home for the cats. This process prevents reckless adoption and future abandonment.

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