Room full of ginger cats, litterboxes, and cat trees.

Clinic sets up room for 20 ginger cats rescued from a hoarding situation

Welcome to the ginger cats room! This cat clinic set aside a large room for these 20 cats that came from a hoarding house, and most of these are gingers. Any volunteer who sets foot in the room will see nothing but orange! A room full of ginger cats It’s a little out of the … Read more

Cat shelter Tuffy's Place cares for older cats

Woman in Afton runs retirement home for 25 senior cats

A generous woman transformed a trailer in a feline sanctuary for aging cats. In her Acton, New York home, Isabela Nieves cares for twenty-five senior cats. Nieves’ late ex-husband Dominic DiNapoli founded Tuffy’s Place in Yonkers in 1996. He then moved to the south and continued cat rescuing with Nieves’ help. Before he died in … Read more

Cats Island welcomes stray cats and lone pets

Cat Island, the Chinese island turned into a safe haven for stray cats and abandoned pets

Stray cats have been given an atypical home on “Cat Island,” a shelter unlike any other, situated on a small lake island in China. Since then, some of the residents have found permanent homes While the project is still in its infancy stage, a small number of island residents have found permanent homes. The shelter … Read more

Girl raises money for cat shelter in Louisiana

A talented 8-year-old girl crafts bracelets to benefit a cat shelter and raises $521 in one week

Brenna Edwards’s mother is a volunteer at an animal shelter; thus, the girl has spent her whole life among cats. Cats’ plight is an issue dear to her heart, and Breanna feels compelled to help them. For this reason, the clever eight-year-old girl has set up a laudable enterprise whose profits facilitate the placement of … Read more

This couple built a room in their house to help house motherless kittens

Onur and Cansu are a husband and wife team from Turkey who have dedicated their lives to helping out the most vulnerable felines around them. Together they carry out Trap Neuter Return (TNR), rescue vulnerable cats and house them until they can get adopted, and offer a place for homeless cats a safe place to … Read more

A two-headed kitten prank fools users

Pictures of ‘two-headed’ kitten make Facebook users double-check

An animal shelter has published a message which has netizens reasonably confused. Since Jackson County Animal Shelter’s Facebook wrote about a “two-headed cat” on Friday afternoon, the post has been a topic of debate. We are all aware that cats come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they might even be as unusual as … Read more

Two images: one of a blonde woman holding a tabby cat, the second is of alarge tabby cat lying on their back.

This kind-hearted woman single-handedly built a sanctuary for mistreated and elderly cats

A woman living in the UK city of Nottingham built a sanctuary in her home for disabled and elderly cats who cannot find a home. Holly Brockwell, who currently lives in West Bridgford, has seven cats with various infirmities such as wobbly syndrome. She was inspired to start the shelter after adopting a senior cat … Read more

mobile cat lounge

A woman opens a “cat salon” to encourage adoptions and fight  euthanasia

A former veterinary assistant decided to build her mobile cat salon, a camper van where felines can meet potential adopters and have all the necessary treats. Her goal is to help reduce the problem of the rising stray cat population and euthanasia in her area. Equipped with cat trees, beds, and baskets, Janette Deloach’s cat … Read more

Two images of a ginger cat

This cat was abandoned twice and the reasons are shocking

Jacque is an affectionate ginger cat who loves a good cuddle. Sadly, this kitten didn’t have the best luck when it comes to owners, he was abandoned twice and almost killed. When the Michigan Cat Rescue shelter shared Jacque’s story and the reasons behind his rejection on Facebook, people were rightfully appalled. In May 2016, … Read more