Cat steals a woman’s husband, forcing her to become the third wheel in her own relationship

A woman who rescued a tiny kitten and brought it home had no way of knowing that the little kitty had plans to steal her husband and force her to become the third wheel in her own relationship.

Married couple Lindsey and Drew shared their story with The DoDo in a humorous video where the pair are described on screen as being ‘In a love triangle with their cat’

Roswell arrives

Lindsey explains that she rescued their cat Roswell when he was just a little kitten. He was hiding out in her friend’s backyard, clearly terrified so she decided to bring him home and care for him.

Rescuing Roswell coincided with Lindsey moving in with her then-boyfriend, now-husband Drew. She was concerned at first that Drew might not want to share his space with a kitten, as he had never lived with animals before.

Little did she know that she had a much greater reason to be concerned about Drew meeting Roswell.

He’s mine

It quickly became clear to Lindsey that for Roswell it had been love at first sight when he was introduced to Drew. 

When Lindsey bought home the pet that she had hoped would be her closest companion, she was left crestfallen as she instead watched the kitty have a meet-cute with her partner.

Describing her place in the relationship between Drew and Roswell, Lindsey told The DoDo:

“I’m like the side chick in the relationship, I’m the third wheel, I’ll be sitting alone at the other end of the couch watching them cuddle.”

You can leave

As the weeks passed and Roswell became more accustomed to his new home, the bond that existed between him and Drew only strengthened, while his feelings towards Lindsey soured.

Lindsey began to feel that Roswell wanted her to abandon her marriage and leave him and Drew to live in peace, she shared:

“Roswell will fixate on me and I will feel his rage. When he’s staring at me and giving me those looks, I would decipher those as “Leave your wedding ring on the table, you have been replaced.”

Soon, Lindsay found that Roswell began to become hostile towards her, swiping out and hissing at her if she tried to pet him or be affectionate with the kitty.

She even shared that when she and her husband returned from a few days away, Roswell was overjoyed to see Drew and showered him with attention but only had a frosty death stare for Lindsey, clearly upset that she had returned at all!

A man lies on a couch with a tabby cat sitting near his head
Roswell laying claim to his man. Pic credit: The DoDo/Youtube

An undying love

Lindsey has now accepted that her cat has well and truly stolen her husband and she no longer tries to come between their undying love. At the end of the video she exclaims:

“I’ve tried to intervene on their little lovefest but there’s nothing I can do.”

You can follow along with Roswell’s husband-stealing adventures via his popular Instagram page.

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