A terrified little kitten hid inside a hole in a wall until a kind savior rescued her

Someone spotted a tabby cat in a shopping center parking lot in Huntsville, Alabama, and called Mary Chromek, an animal rescuer, who devoted her time to caring for the stray kitten.

The kitten was discovered by a shopper walking toward her car. As the witness approached, the kitten quickly ran and hid in a hole in the wall.

Since the concerned shopper didn’t exactly know how to react, she decided to alert Mary Chromek, a community member known for her work with animals.

Once called, Mary dashed to the mall as a storm was brewing. She recalled:

” There was about to be a really bad storm in a few hours, so I rushed up there to secure the kitten. I got there and saw the kitten right away,”

Meanwhile, the little tabby was still in its hiding hole, with its tiny head poking out. To lure it out, Chromek set up a humane trap containing fishy cat food.

Mary noted the kitten’s curious expression despite its fear, Mary worked gently to gain the cat’s trust. She said to Love Meow:

“I decided to see if I could just grab her. I put my hand in the hole, and there was no hissing, no resistance, nothing. I dragged her out of the house as fast as I could”

Belkie finds a home

The name Belkie was given to her after the shop in which she was discovered. Following her rescue, Mary commented that:

“She was bursting to the seams with love and gratitude.”

Mary fed and hydrated Belkie, still, the little kitten didn’t eat much, she was just content to sit on the lap of the person who rescued her.

Chromek gave the kitten a variety of meals in the hopes that it would eat more. Additionally, she administered medication to Belkie and provided her with supportive care until the following day when she could take her to the veterinarian.

The transition to an indoor lifestyle was easy for Belkie. She would play on the floor. rolling around, rubbing her stomach, and jumping onto Mary’s lap.

 Belkie loved to put her paws around her savior’s arms. Mary explained:

” She is the sweetest, most needy, and precious little girl. She always wanted to be on me, but she loves other kitties and exploring.”

Consuming nutritious food and careful medical attention cured Belkie’s digestive issues. As a result, she became healthier and put on weight.

Soon, the tabby girl eventually regained her appetite but never lost her desire to be petted and paid attention to.

When Belkie was strong enough, Mary took her to a shelter managed by Fanciers Cat Rescue. She is sure that Belkie will get along well with the other cats and find her forever home.

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