Kittens poke their heads out of a gap in a cardboard box.

14 kittens rescued from cardboard boxes in the forest now live in a kitten paradise

In late May, dozens of kittens were found abandoned in a forest near a playground, packed away in cardboard boxes. Members of the Adorable Paws cat rescue YouTube channel heard about the kittens and rushed to their rescue. Several precious kittens had already passed away, but the rescuers were able to safely retrieve most of … Read more

A colorful row of unique cat houses.

When a man discovered that the building he bought had a cat colony he built them all their own condos!

In 2019, real estate developer Mark Lane purchased a historic building in New York known as The New York Wire Works. Having been built in 1888, the large former factory had a long storied history, and Lane quickly discovered that it was also already occupied by some furry tenants! Upon purchasing the property, Lane found … Read more