Cat who loves Tupperware gets his own personal collection of containers

Oliver is a cat who loves Tupperware containers. One eventful evening, he stole one off its shelf and paraded around the house with it. Now he has dozens of containers of his own, and he loves to play with them.

Robin, his owner, told The Dodo that she was surprised when she first noticed him playing with Tupperware. She said:

“He just trotted around with it like it was his magical, beautiful treasure.”

From that moment on, Oliver continued to steal her Tupperware, and she nicknamed him “Container Cat.”

Oliver’s rescue

Robin told The Dodo that his crazy obsession with Tupperware shows how far he has come since she first adopted him a year and a half ago.

Robin found Oliver when he was just a tiny, very sick kitten, sitting alone under a bush in her neighborhood. She took him in and started taking care of him, working day and night to get him healthy again.

A small orange kitten sits next to a bush.
Little Orphan Oliver. Pic credit: @robinapril22/TikTok

At one point, Oliver grew very sick and feverish. Robin placed him under her shirt and gave him skin to skin contact. Hours later, his fever went away.

After this intense moment together, Robin was even more sure that adopting him had been a good idea. She said:

“I just knew he was supposed to be my cat. It was just this feeling of, ‘We did this.’”

After Oliver was healthy again, he started being a “maniac,” playing with the window blinds and jumping off the couch like a daredevil.

Oliver’s best friend

As he grew up, he tried to make friends with Robin’s other cats, but they were not impressed. He was better friends with the dogs, but, as Robin told The Dodo:

“Even though he gets along with the dogs, he never quite found one buddy or best friend. So when he found the Tupperware, it was as if he finally found his companion.”

No wonder Oliver treats his Tupperware like his precious treasure. When he has it around, he can really be himself and have fun.

Oliver’s new collection

Robin was conflicted. Oliver loved the Tupperware so much, but she also needed it for food storage…the way Tupperware is supposed to be used.

So one day she surprised Oliver with a gift in the mail: dozens of new Tupperware containers!

Like many cats, Oliver was more interested in the cardboard box that the delivery came in. But when Robin made the containers more interesting by opening the lids and putting toys inside them, he spent two hours playing with them and having the time of his life.

Robin expressed how glad she is that Oliver now realizes that he is safe and can let his crazy side out. He knows that he is loved, so he can unleash his inner Container Cat!

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