Meet Misty: the adorable deaf kitty

The social media presence of Misty, the little deaf kitty, is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Aside from her incredible cuteness, Misty’s owner makes sure to bring her sense of humor to each post.

Although all cats will begin to lose their hearing as they age, Misty has congenital deafness. It is a common myth that white cats with blue eyes are always born deaf but this is not the case.

Any color of cat can be born deaf, or acquire deafness as they get older, so it is good for all cat owners to consider this possibility for their furry companions.

Misty is loved online

Just because Misty is deaf, doesn’t mean she can’t have a good time! Her owner clearly loves her, and wants to share the joy she gets from Misty with the world and so she keeps Misty’s Instagram page updated with all the sweet cat’s adventures!

Misty’s owner has welcomed the influx of fans that the white kitty has received and shared a message from Misty on the cat’s popular Instagram page:

“Happy you’re here and hope I can make you smile!”

Misty on the move

White cat in baby buggy
Treated like a literal baby. Pic credit: @mistylilkitty/Instagram.

Misty is not allowed outside without supervision, as she could easily get hurt if she climbed over a wall and ended up too close to a busy road.

It’s these kind of considerations that make sure deaf cats like Misty don’t wander into dangerous situations. Otherwise, she’s just like every other cat, only slightly louder!

But her owner found a way to still give her some independence while outdoors so she can get up to some good old cat mischief, like rolling in dirt and eating grass.

She got her a pink harness to make sure she is always safe close by.

Hear her roar

The fact that Misty is deaf means that she doesn’t always realize how loud she is meowing, especially when she can’t see her owner.

Deaf cats tend to rely more on visual ques, and often get surprised by their owners suddenly appearing behind them!

If Misty can’t see her owner, it’s as though she’s been left alone and although some deaf cats can feel the vibrations made on floorboards as a person approaches, this doesn’t seem to be the case for Misty.

Misty’s deafness adds to the uniqueness of her personality, it’s not a burden but something that makes her special.

And even though she gets woken up by Misty’s late night meowing, her owner wouldn’t have it any other way!

Despite her habit of using her outdoor voice inside, Misty is still the sweetest little kitty. Pic credit: @mistylilkitty/Instagram.

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