Mother cat left frantic after kitten gets trapped in closed store.. until incredible actions of passerby

A kitten became trapped in a closed store, leading her mother to panic — until one man went above and beyond to get her out.

It was early evening when passersby began to notice a tabby cat meowing loudly and pacing frantically in front of the store window.

Unfortunately what many of these people didn’t notice was the little kitten who had somehow gotten trapped inside the store, leaving her mother outside and unable to free her.

Quite a predicament

As reported by Gulf Today, the little kitten had somehow become separated from her mother and gone unnoticed when the small curtain and carpet shop in the United Arab Emirates city of Sharjah was locked up for the night.

With no way to return to her mother, the kitten clawed at the window in desperation and meowed as loudly as she could, causing her mother to become frantic with worry for her baby.

The two stayed in this state of agonizing separation until the next day when a stranger came to their rescue.

A tabby kitten sits behind a store window.
The helpless kitten waits to be freed. Pic credit: Gulf Today/Website

To the rescue

A kind-hearted man named Adnan was alerted to the situation when he heard the frantic cries of the mama cat, and upon seeing the cat’s little kitten trapped behind the glass, Adnan knew he had to do something to help.

He quickly rushed into the corner shop beside the carpet store where the kitten was trapped and asked if they had contact details for its owner. Unfortunately, no one there had a phone number for the store owner and they could not help him.

Not giving up

Despite this setback, Adnan swore that he would not give up on the trapped kitten and her distressed mother.

And so, he took up a post in front of the window, determined to wait with the frantic mother until the store owner arrived to open up.

While he waited, Adnan came up with the idea to look through the store’s windows and see if he could spot anything that could identify the shop’s owner and provide a way of reaching him.

As luck would have it, he found exactly what he was looking for!

A vital clue

As he peered through the window, Adnan spotted a receipt that had fallen to the floor and was lying face up showing a phone number for the store’s owner.

Adnan quickly called the owner and filled him in on what was happening at his store, the owner immediately came to the store and hurriedly opened the doors, finally reuniting mother and baby.

Together at last

Overjoyed to have her kitten returned to her, the mother cat gave her baby a reassuring nose boop, and the two took off into the city.

Adnan shared that he was later contacted by the store owner who thanked him for alerting him to the plight of the mother and kitten.

The owner also said that he was leaving milk and food outside his store in an effort to entice the stray duo back and find them a safe home.

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