orange tabby cat fat cat food bowl

This clever cat finds the perfect way to manipulate its owner to get what it wants

Cats are masters of finding different ways to communicate, including purring, meowing, and blinking. However, this clever cat has upped the ante with a new tactic. Demanding clever cat Meet Zoey, the crafty diva cat with an appetite and an attitude to match. In a viral Tik Tok post posted on August 19th, the orange … Read more

Black and white dog and tabby cat cuddle together

Harvey the chunky cat becomes best friends with his annoying puppy brother

Harvey was a rescue cat who needed to get back in shape. When he first met his new puppy brother, Blu, he wasn’t amused, but then Blu became one of his best friends and started helping him exercise. Hurricane cat Harvey was named after the hurricane that swept through Texas in 2017. He was left … Read more

Man holds orange tabby cat

Cooter the talking cat and his hilarious owner reach 7 million followers on TikTok

Cooter the talking cat and his owner, Mason Glasco, are an inseparable duo that have been delighting their followers on TikTok for years with their hilarious videos of their conversations. Now they have over 7 million followers. Cooter the talking cat Cooter and Mason began their TikTok journey together in early 2020 when Mason posted … Read more