Guy tries to calm down his cat by buying another one but it doesn’t go to plan

A cat who kept destroying his dad’s apartment got a kitten brother in the hopes a feline friend would calm him down — but together they ended up causing even more chaos.

Owner Max has a fluffy tabby cat named Shrimp, who is a handsome feline but also a total terror. Whether that is intentional or not is not known.

Max lives with Shrimp in a studio apartment. Keeping his apartment intact is a whole other story.

Mischievous cat antics

Shrimp cannot help but get himself in trouble and drive his dad bonkers. From chewing on power cords and eating plants to breaking dishes, Shrimp keeps his dad on his toes.

One day, Max reached a breaking point when he left his television on with bird videos to entertain Shrimp. That did not go as planned.

Shrimp broke his flat-screen TV and left it in a shambles.

Plan B

At a friend’s suggestion, he adopted a second cat, named Coconut, in hopes that the sibling would be a friend and distraction to keep Shrimp occupied.

Coconut proved to be the golden child for the first few months.

An absolute delight and opposite of Shrimp, Dad Max finally got a reprieve from the crazy antics of his eldest cat.

Having Coconut in the home brought Shrimp’s mischievous antics down by about half, which says a lot. They were bonding and getting along excellently, playing and loving each other.


Starring Shrimp as the man of mystery who can’t get out of the pots cupboard and Coconut as the adorable but oblivious sidekick #SHRAMP #catdad

♬ Mission Impossible (Main Theme) – TV Series Music

The calm before the storm

This peace was short-lived, however. Shrimp’s behavior left an indelible impression on his younger brother Coconut.

With Coconut growing into adulthood and influenced by watching his brother Shrimp’s antics, it was not long before the younger sibling started acting out. Now the younger brother’s behavior shifted from golden child to mischievous cat in crime.

Max started feeling overwhelmed by his two boys, from jumping on furniture to knocking over plants and spreading dirt over the house. However, despite everything, he says these siblings give more than they dish out.

Last thoughts

Regardless of the trouble-making antics these two cat brothers give their father, they also simultaneously bring him so much joy.

Shrimp helped him at a time in his life when he was depressed.

Adding Coconut to the family increased the joy brought to his life. Dad Max has learned these cat brothers have given him purpose.

As siblings, they demonstrate what it means to love and care for each other despite the turmoil.

You can view more of Coconut and Shrimp’s crazy antics on Instagram or TikTok.

Have you ever dealt with a mischievous cat? What happened?

Share your experience and leave a comment.

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