A cat takes a bumpy ride on a robot vacuum cleaner

Cats and domestic appliances can create comical situations. For example, a Bengal cat once attacked a robot vacuum cleaner, here a kitten had the opposite reaction to an automated cleaner.

Decklyn, a ragdoll cat from Florida, likes treating his owner’s Roomba vacuum cleaner as a personal vehicle. The video of the cat seated on top of a functioning robot cleaner and banging into surrounding objects has TikTok in stitches.

One wonderful thing about cats is how unfazed they can remain in various situations. That’s the case for Decklyn, hailing from Sarasota in Florida.

When his owner brought home a strange circular robot, the feline didn’t mind. The kitten was unconcerned when the vacuum cleaner started rolling around with a buzzing sound.

In fact, Decklyn discovered that this Roomba could serve another purpose. So the ragdoll decided to hop on top of the robot and take advantage of the free ride.

However, driving an unmanned engine comes with some disadvantages, such as regularly crashing into obstacles on the way.

Decklyn and his robot cleaner entertain TikTok

The cat’s owner uploaded a funny video of the puss atop the active Roomba to her Tiktok account @delilahanddecklyn, the popular clip shows the ragdoll seated in his favorite “car.”

The robot drives the pet against a chair, a table’s leg, and other objects, but Decklyn remains placid despite the numerous collisions.

The white cat just lowers his head to duck the items and stays on his moving throne. The text overlay on the video reads:

“When the Roomba runs my cat into stuff, and he just pretends nothing happened.”

Watch the amusing clip below:

The caption reads, “Not a care in the world.”, a fitting description of Decklyn’s calm demeanor even if his ride has a minor mishap.

Decklyn’s misfortune was reasonably met with laughter in the comments section. The clip garnered almost two million likes, forty-eight thousand shares, and thousands of comments.

@Inlet Lady wrote:

“He enjoys the obstacles in his life 😂”

User @Yoshi’s Kingdom likened the experience to the “cat equivalent to electric bull riding.”

Many commenters admired the cat’s stress-free attitude. User @ Isabella Davenport exclaimed:

“I want to be THIS level of unbothered! I would be ✨unstoppable✨.”

His owner concluded that Decklyn was indeed the definition of unbothered.

In conclusion, there’s no reason to be too concerned about Decklyn. Not only is the cat having a great time, but he always has excellent company in the form of his sister Delilah, another ragdoll.

To catch a glimpse of the pair’s adventures, take a look at their Tiktok page.

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