Cat exposed for stealing neighbor’s food after worried owner takes him to vet because he won’t eat

A cat stopped eating food for days. Finally, his concerned owner brought him to the veterinary clinic only to learn that the puss was far from starving.

The sneaky moggy had just been eating at a different “restaurant”: the neighbor’s house.

Cats are known to be gourmets; they are picky eaters. But all felines must eat the necessary nutrients and vitamins to cover their daily needs.

This cat’s parent became worried when the puss skipped meals, with the unusual behavior going on for three days.

Worrying the pet had a severe condition suppressing its appetite, the cat owner decided to see a veterinarian. At the clinic, the professional didn’t notice any particular symptoms.

As the vet couldn’t find the reason behind the moggy’s “hunger strike,” he submitted his patient to a series of examinations, including an ultrasound, with the latter requiring the vet to shave parts of the cat’s fur.

A dirty little secret

Later, surprising test results came in. First, the kitten had no hidden condition or severe illness; he was a perfectly healthy animal.

Furthermore, the ultrasound of his belly showed why he wasn’t eating at home. It’s simply because he was already full.

They found sufficient food in the cat’s tummy to prove that he was definitely taking meals somewhere, just not at home.

The incredulous owner posted the cat’s episode in the Reddit forum r/cats on July 4, 2022. Under the user name Mysticstorms, the owner shared a snap of the pet lying down after the visit to the clinic.

The ginger-and-white puss in the image is seen with a shaved stomach. The post is titled:

“Cat didn’t eat for three days, went to the vet where they did an ultrasound only to find a belly full of the neighbor’s cat’s food.”

In ten days, forty-eight thousand users liked the ppost. In addition, hundreds left comments sharing their comical reactions.

@ryanm1903 sided with the cat stating:

“I mean, nobody wants to admit they ate nine cans of ravioli.”

Some wondered what the neighbor’s own cats were eating if this ginger-and-white pet was “stealing their food.” @Old_Ladies_Die_Hard wrote:

“Meanwhile, the neighbors’ cats are starving. Lol”

Another made light of the cat’s owner, exclaiming:

The cat’s owner actually talked to the neighbor for some clarification, remarking:

“I talked with the neighbor, and they have a cat door that’s always open for their own cat, so he probably has just been sneaking in at night to steal their food.”

It seems that this cat just thinks the grass is greener on the other side.

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