Kevin the rescued stray cat was hiding a big surprise!

In 2020, Erin Breen noticed a stray cat had started visiting the patio of her home that she shared with her partner.

She began feeding the cat, and so it tended to hang around more often, flopping and rolling around outside on the patio, and even began trying to follow Erin into her home.

Although she and her partner loved cats and even had one that had recently passed named Max, she was nervous to let the stray cat inside because they also had a dog named Murphy.

A fluffy white dog sits near a ginger cat who is resting on a bench.
Murphy the dog, with Max the cat (who passed away four months before the stray cat arrived). Pic credit: @erinshmerin/Instagram.

Murphy was a cat-friendly dog, so Erin wasn’t worried about his reaction, it was the stray cat that she was unsure of, but it turns out that she needn’t have worried at all.

An amazing surprise

Erin and her partner named the stray cat Kevin, assuming it was a boy, and to their delight, Kevin and Murphy became fast friends as soon as they introduced them to each other.

Erin told Kevin’s story to The Dodo back in 2020, a few months after taking him in, and filled them in on the big surprise!

After bringing the cat to the vet, the couple was told that not only was he a girl, Kevin was pregnant, and about to give birth!

Kevin gave birth to four beautiful kittens just five days after Erin found out that she was a girl.

And as she explains in the video, she and her partner were again slightly nervous at the idea of letting Murphy close to the kittens.

But Murphy the dog turned out to be a great dad.

A fluffy white dog with a tabby kitten.
Murphy fell in love with the kittens as soon as he saw them. Pic credit: @erinshmerin/Instagram.

Full house

The initial plan was to get Kevin and her kittens adopted into loving homes, but as time went on, Erin and her partner couldn’t bear to part with Kevin.

And as luck would have it, it turns out they were able to keep one of Kevin’s kittens too, a tortoiseshell girl they named Cali.

A tortoiseshell cat lies in the sun on a white blanket.
A nearly one-year-old Cali lounging in the sun. Pic credit: @erinshmerin/Instagram.

After a tough year of losing their cat Max, moving house, and the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic beginning to surge across the world in 2020, pregnant Kevin arriving on their patio turned out to be another unexpected but beautiful surprise for Erin and her partner.

Their house is now full of a cat-loving dog, a female cat named Kevin, and her grown-up kitten Cali.

Dog and cat sitting on a bed, with a cats head poking up behind them
Do Murphy and Kevin realize Cali is behind them? Pic credit: @erinshmerin/Instagram.
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