Panko the cross-eyed cat is a meme-able wonder

The adorable cross-eyed cat Panko was rescued from a kill shelter when she was around one year old.

Luckily, she was transferred to the no-kill shelter where her owners found her, and since then her life has been one of joy and luxury.

Her owners have made Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter accounts to celebrate Panko.

And have even supported her through two degrees in engineering!

A Cat sits in front of two joke cat degrees.
Panko is very smart. Pic credit: @fatfatpankocat/Instagram.

Just kidding, Carnegie Mellon University does not offer any real cat scholarly programs, these are humorous replica degrees.

Panko’s owners did not tell us who gifted these degrees to their cat, but one thing is for sure, Panko has a degree in cuteness in the form of a dedicated internet following.

A white cat with ginger and brown markings laying on her back.
Panko knows just how adorable she is. Pic credit: @fatfatpankocat/Instagram.

Internet famous

Panko rose to fame with her calico coat, ‘chonky’ belly, and beautiful blue cross-eyes.

The sense of humor that her owners bring to her posts also helps, they have a knack for making Panko meme-able.

The pictures of Panko in front of food she can’t eat are particularly relatable!

A white cat with orange and brown markings sits in front of a tray of dumplings.
Panko fixated on the dumplings she can’t have. Pic credit: @fatfatpankocat/Instagram.
A white cat with orange and brown markings sits in front of a plate of pasta.
Panko wants the pasta. Pic credit: @fatfatpankocat/Instagram.

Her owners also post videos of Panko along with music and/or voiceovers that are certain to cause even the most stone-faced among us to break into a smile.

With fame comes followers, and for the most part, this is a good thing, but sometimes people demand too much of Panko.

However, just as with Panko’s internet fame, her owners seem to take this in stride too.

The cult of Panko

The humor Panko’s owners bring to their posts is also present when interacting with their cat’s fans online, some of which can be insistent.

However, instead of letting this ruin the fun for them, they make light of the odd situations they find themselves in as the owners of a famous cat.

The video below is a response to getting inundated with requests for things to do with Panko.

The clip below is in response to suggestions that they are making money off of Panko.

And here, a retort to getting asked all sorts of questions about her history and breed, which even they don’t know.

To Panko’s owners, she is simply a happy and healthy cat, and they want to share her adorable nature with the world.

People on the internet are clearly grateful.

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