Kitten is extracted from RV electrical pipe and fostered by one of his rescuers

In Cheyenne City, Wyoming, two animal control officers decide to take in a stray kitten found hiding underneath a mobile home. These generous souls will care for the critter until it can be adopted.

On September 16th, a guy heard frantic meowing from an RV engine. The man called animal control officers Elizabeth Wagner and Heidi Teasley from the Cheyenne City Pound Service.

Not knowing how long the animal was trapped in the vehicle, the two rescuers rushed to the scene as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, after a few minutes of searching and listening, they uncovered a five-week-old kitten in great pain. He was trapped four feet down an electrical pipe.

There was nothing unusual about the procedure for Elizabeth and Heidi. There is a seasonal increase in the number of cats who seek shelter under vehicles.

These animals are usually attracted by the heat emerging from the vehicles’ engines and the perspective of a secure refuge.

Elizabeth and Heidi were able to coax the hairball out of its hiding place in 30 minutes with the help of sugary treats.

After giving the kitten the name Piper ( a sassy nod to its origins), the two officers took him to the neighborhood animal shelter. There the rescue kitten received a complete checkup.

Thankfully, the little black kitten was in good health. He did not exhibit any signs of damage or malnutrition in any way.

Despite this, he was still a young animal who had just started eating solid foods. Elizabeth felt a special connection with the animal.

She had noticed there was not a single person in the surrounding, not even his mother or his other siblings. Furthermore, the chance of survival for solitary felines is far lower than that of their gregarious counterparts.

Elizabeth told Daily Paws:

“She was by herself with no mom or litter, and kittens do better with others. I had the time and availability, so I fostered her.”

The rescue kitten regains strength

In the beginning, Pipper lacked confidence and struggled with fear. However, as time went on, the kitten eventually developed trust in humans.

Moreover, the rescue kitty showed his appreciation for his foster parents as soon as he realized they were going to feed him. Also, Pipper had a wonderful time playing with his mistress’s dog.

Soon, the cat began to show his mischievous side. Meanwhile, his foster family pampered him as though he were a prince.

The plan is to keep Piper until he’s old and strong enough to be on an adoption list. This will allow him to find a forever home finally.

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