Pet insurance firm holds the Cat Walk to raise money for animal shelters

This weekend, an event was held for the benefit of homeless cats. Agria, a French pet insurance company, hosted “La Balade des Chats.”

Free, supportive and digital, this event allowed the public to donate to overcrowded refuges. Thus, the insurer committed to donating 5 euros per participant to an animal shelter.

It’s 2022, and abandonment continues its devastating course. In France, there are over 11 million homeless cats.

An increase followed last year’s confinement period in abandonment. Consequently, this epidemic has spread to an already massive population of stray felines.

In addition to being rejected, many of these cats suffer from malnutrition and disease. And their non-sterilization only worsens the situation.

Kittens are born not in a warm home but on the street, where there is danger. Furthermore, Agria revealed in a press release, that in four years, a couple of unsterilized cats could produce up to 20,000 kittens.

Faced with the exponential proliferation of felines and their perpetual suffering, the company has decided to organize a solidarity event: “The Cat Walk.”

After being initiated in Sweden in 2020, it has continued in the European countries covered by the mutual, namely France, Denmark, Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

The idea was straightforward: Cat owners film or photograph their cat taking a few steps and publish on social networks by indicating their participation with a hashtag.

For each post, the insurance company gives 5 euros to a charity.

The Cat Walk: a mobilization in favor of stray cats

In France, the first edition was held in May 2021, with countless pet owners showcasing over 18000 pets according to Agria. In addition, more than thirty-five thousand euros were raised on this occasion.

Following the event, Julien Begue, the firm’s director, said:

“We thank all the owners and cats who made the Cat Walk a success. The animal cause is part of Agria Pet Insurance’s DNA, and we are delighted to put our money where our mouth is.”

With the money gathered, the beneficiaries could pay some of the expenditures associated with the sterilization of cats, identification, care, or nourishment.

Agra insurance has reiterated its commitment to helping animal welfare groups save lives this year. Organized on October 22 and 23, this cat’s walk will benefit The Périgueux shelter.

Like many animal shelters, this center suffers from overpopulation and a lack of resources.

To summarize, the event’s goal is to educate people about the need for responsible adoption, and the potential dangers of not sterilizing their pets.

At last, the Cat Walk provides financial assistance to organizations working tirelessly to improve animal welfare.

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