Woman helping a feral cat colony in Ohio spares no effort to save three newborn kitties dumped outside

An animal lover caring for a feral cat colony found three newborn kitties in the pack. To save these rescue kittens, she had to provide additional resources and care.

Dona is a determined animal welfare advocate. Hailing from Ohio, the woman takes care of more than 140 neighborhood cats.

 She takes care of them by providing food and shelter and spaying and neutering them. At last, she looks for welcoming families to place those stray cats where they will be loved.

In September, Donna came across three very young kittens while feeding the cats in the area. They had recently arrived at the cat colony, trying to blend in with the other felines already there.

As soon as they heard Donna’s voice, all of the kittens rushed over to her as quickly as they could.

Among the three newcomers, one gray kitty approached Donna first. The other two siblings followed in quick succession after her.

For such tiny creatures, they had a loud purr. After indulging in a delectable lunch, the trio fell asleep.

Donna shared her beautiful yet frustrating discovery on Instagram in the following post:

Someone had taken those cats from their mother and left them outside. They weighed less than 450 grams combined, and at barely four weeks, they required additional care.

 Donna brought the newborn kittens into her home and gave them a warm bath to clean them from fleas. I addition, she gave new names to Woody, Bryson, and Kenzie.

After their bubble bath, a healthy breakfast, and a thorough combing, the three young cats fell into a deep sleep. The next day, a visit to the veterinarian revealed that the kittens had an eye defect impeding their vision.

Fortunately, the vet could correct the condition with the appropriate treatment.

 Meanwhile, Donna observed that they had put on some weight since they came into her house. After only one week, Kenzie and Bryson reached 450 grams.

On the other hand, Woody was growing at a slower pace. The trio soon learned to venture outside. They loved to play in Donna’s garden before retreating inside.

Donna finds the rescue kittens a new home

Although Donna enjoyed having the kitties in her house, she needed to find them a permanent home. When Woody, Kenzie, and Bryson reached the age when they could be adopted, the foster mom had them spayed and neutered.

With the help of the shelter, Cats Are People, Too! Donna succeeded in placing each of the kittens in thoughtful families.

Woody has been adopted into a tender family that includes another cat, a dog, and two cats. Together, Bryson and Kenzie also found a loving home.

The trio’s adoption felt like a well-deserved reward for Donna’s efforts. She’s sure the kittens will have a wonderful and exciting life as part of a family unit.

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