Sanitation worker stops car from being towed with a cat and six kittens in the back

A family of seven was saved thanks to a sanitation worker who fought to get the cats were in the hands of a rescue organization. Little Wanderers NYC took the kitties in and made sure they were healthy and found forever homes.

A sanitation worker found the mother cat and her six kittens in an impounded car in an East Harlem, NYC sanitation lot. The mother used the car’s backseat as a nest where she was cuddling her kittens.

The car was about to be towed owed away with this sweet family inside. But the sanitation worker wasn’t about to let that happen.

Stop in the name of cats

He went out of his way to convince the NYC Marshall to wait for the cats to be rescued before towing the car. Thankfully, the NYC Marshall obliged.

The sanitation worker called Little Wanderers NYC for help and to come and get the cats.

One of the organization’s rescuers, Ann Furey, drove a very long way early that next morning to bring the family to safety.

“Unbeknownst to the cats, they almost had a tragic fate before they were rescued,” Lisa Winters of Little Wanderers NYC told Love Meow. “Talk about being saved in the nick of time!”

The family was brought to the vet and was deemed to be healthy and fit to be placed in a foster home.

“Mama LaBelle and her six kittens are safe in a wonderful foster home far away from the back seat of an impounded car where they were born,” Winters said.

Foster volunteer Staci made a cozy, quiet space for the kitty family to get situated in. There the mom was able to feed her children and care for them in peace and safety.

“Momma LaBelle and the kittens are settling in beautifully,” Staci said. “They are healthy, and the babies are approximately three weeks old — four boys and two girls.”

LaBelle and her kittens adjusted well to indoor life and were happy to have people to help them. Their story shows just how critical foster families are for organizations like Little Wanderers NYC.

Off the streets of Harlem

“We need homes to place rescued cats from the street as it helps reduce overcrowding in shelters and opens up space for another animal to be saved,” Staci said. “It also helps prepare animals for adoption by giving them a chance to live in a home where they can fully express their personality, work to overcome fears, or recover from trauma. Fosters are family until they get adopted!”

It wasn’t long before mama and her babies found forever homes. Thanks to Little Wanderers NYC, this family will never know have to know what living on the streets of Harlem is like ever again.

“Little Wanderers is on the streets day and night rescuing the neediest cats in the toughest neighborhoods,” Lisa said.

Learn more about how you can support Little Wanderers on Facebook and Instagram.

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