Kitten trapped under a bridge is helped by onlookers and finds a family

A kitten stuck under a bridge fell into the river. Bystanders sprang into action, rescuing the feline from the cold water.

After the sick feline followed intensive treatment at a local animal hospital, one of the rescuers adopted the cat.

In a Chinese town, a man spotted a tiny kitty stranded under a bridge. The animal rested on the concrete arch supporting the bridge, just a few meters above the water.

Surrounded by water and unable to reach the upper half of the construction, the cat was in a bad posture. Fortunately, passersby decided to lend it a hand.

Standing on top of the bridge, a man extended a pole with a net at the extremity in the direction of the kitty. The goal was for the kitten to hop into the net so they could lift it to safety.

As expected, the terrified kitty partly understood the assignment. Thus, it grabbed onto the black net.

However, the puss didn’t enter the net; instead, it latched on using its claws. Therefore, it was hanging to the pole while the rescuer tried to lift the precious cargo.

Unfortunately, the moggy couldn’t firmly hold on to the net. As the man tugged on the swinging pole, the cat lost grip and felt in the water below.

Onlookers were horrified; the kitten was too small to fight the current. Besides, it didn’t know how to swim.

In its course, the river was dragging the poor creature along.

Still, the upright locals didn’t give up. Instead, they quickly descended from the bridge and started running on the river bank to follow the cat’s trajectory.

Finally, they caught the drenched animal using their net. However, when they pulled it out from the water, the soaked furball was unconscious; hence, his rescuers used CPR methods to revive it.

After a few massages, a little shriek made everyone around sigh in relief. The kitty was alive, exhausted but breathing.

The kitten becomes part of a family

A woman volunteered to take the female puss home.

After drying her up, the rescuer brought the kitty to a veterinary clinic. A series of exams revealed that the cat was severely ill.

She suffered from blood poisoning from bacteria and a congenital illness called anal atresia. These alarming results meant she had to undergo intensive treatment, or she wouldn’t survive.

After ten days of hospitalization, the brave cat’s condition improved significantly. The hospital decided to discharge her.

The woman who initially brought the sick kitten took a further step in adopting the feline. At home, everything had been prepared for the new housemate’s arrival.

Despite a rough start in life, this kitten had a new chance. And it all began with a bold rescue.

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