A cat owner pays huge vet bills just to discover that his cat isn’t sick she’s just tired of him

After shelling out £80 (the equivalent of $95) to determine his pet’s condition, a British cat owner found out that his kitten was just fed up with him.

Harry Jones is a 25-year-old telecommunications specialist who owns a kitten named Helen. He describes his nine-month-old feline as lovely and a bit of an attention seeker.

However, the young man would soon learn that while Helen enjoys attention, she also likes to be left alone from time to time.

A few weeks ago, Harry underwent eardrum surgery. His doctor recommended rest to speed up the patient’s recovery. Subsequently, Harry got to stay home instead of going to work.

While recovering, the cat owner noticed that his kitty Helen had some issues of her own. The feline had begun peeing inside and scratching objects. Harry explained:

” She’s been acting a bit strange, clawing at the front door and meowing loudly, just generally acting out of character.”

The cat’s behavior then worsened; as Harry told the Mirror:

“Then it came to a head a couple of weeks ago when she weed on my bed, and then she weed on the floor. She was just really letting me know that she wasn’t happy.”

Harry Jones found this unusual conduct concerning, so he took Helen to the veterinarian to check for a possible infection. Moreover, he insisted on an emergency appointment, paying fifty pounds for it.

Harry explained:

“I was just really concerned because she had never done anything like this before, and she’s only around nine months old.”

Harry learns the truth

The vet asked Harry if something had recently changed, so Harry informed the vet of his ear procedure, the subsequent stay-at-home, and Helen’s moody attitude.

Helen’s vet then gave an astonishing diagnosis.

Helen was not sick, at least not from a physical ailment; she was just sick of her owner. She desperately needed some space to herself.

The vet explained to a shocked Harry that Helen’s behavior was due to her routine having been changed. Indeed, the cat used to see her master leaving the house and working regularly. The vet said:

 “But now that you’re spending all day with her, she’s looking for a break.”

Poor Harry had a hard time digesting this revelation as Helen was usually a snuggler in the past. However, he hoped his return to work would repair the situation.

It turned out that the appointment fees and the additional £30 (approx $36) Harry spent on toys to soothe Helen was a total waste, as Harry just needed to leave the house!

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