Alley cat loves to sneak into the local sauna for a nap

A dry sauna in Korea became a stray moggy’s favorite hangout. The cat would spend hours in the facility, enjoying the warm temperature and other commodities.

When an intrigued staff member decided to follow the stray cat, he discovered a sad reality.

Modern South Korean culture includes many rituals. Among them is going to traditional bathhouses. These “warm rooms” are popular hangouts for elderly people and young couples.

Much cheaper than western spas, a jimjilbang (in Korean) is where a group of friends might meet to chat and relax.

Classic bathhouses offer standard saunas and steam rooms, while fancier establishments can feature swimming pools, beauty parlors, and dining options. Entry fees typically vary between day and night.

However, a stray calico cat didn’t bother with these formalities when picking her favorite spot. Indeed, at a local bathhouse, the staff had to handle an uninvested guest.

According to Kritter Klub, the cat started coming to the dry sauna two months earlier. The personnel nicknamed her Nabi, a widespread pet name in Korea.

Furthermore, Nabi usually made herself comfortable. One staff member found her nested against one of the pillows scattered around the sauna.

 The feline’s routine was simple; she would lie on the warm wooden floor and doze off.

Moreover, human visitors didn’t bother this alley cay in the least. In fact, she would sometimes climb on a client’s lap and fall asleep.

Many customers amused by the cat would give her treats and water. After her naps, Nabi would disappear for some time before returning.

Nabi is hiding something

A worker at the sauna decided to follow the puss when he saw her slip through a crack in the backyard’s wooden fence. The kitten passed through the sauna workshop and went to a pile of logs nearby.

Nabi seemed to be looking for something. At that point, the worker realized the truth.

Weeks ago, the workshop manager had set up a tent to protect the wood pile from pouring rain. Later, they found dead kittens under the tent without seeing the litter’s mother.

The sauna staff member had removed the bodies to bury them. Now, the calico cat was desperately looking for her litter, unaware of their passing.

A heartbroken Nabi returned to the dry sauna. Learning of her plight, the staff members showered her with love and care.

They all hoped warmth and cuddles would help ease the grieving cat’s pain. Soon, things were looking brighter for the stray feline.

The bathhouse owner decided to adopt her. Nabi became a member of the bathhouse officially.

She could now make good use of her employee discount.

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