Kitten uses her roar to communicate after being rescued

Sometimes you need to roar to get what you want in life. That’s how a stray kitten named Juniper found a brand new life of luxury and comfort.

Juniper was found with her littermates living outside in someone’s yard huddled behind some trees.

They had been living under someone’s porch. While Juniper’s grey sibling was easily captured, Juniper got scared and ran back under the porch.

Cleaned up and loved

Emilie, an animal rescuer, was eventually able to scoop Juniper up after giving her some food.

Both kitties were dirty and riddled with fleas. But Emilie gave them baths and a cozy place to relax and get some good rest in comfort and safety.

The babies fell fast asleep and snuggled with each other on a soft blanket after they ate well.

“”She was frightened and ran back under the porch, but as soon as I offered her food she gave me a little meow, and I was able to scoop her up. I think at that moment, she knew she could trust me Since they were hidden behind trees, I named the orange girl, Juniper, and the grey tortie girl, Willow,” Emilie told Love Meow.

Juniper was soon brought to a healthy state. Healthy enough for her personality to shine through.

That’s when she started to “roar” at her foster mom when she wanted to eat. Juniper would roar, meow, squeak, and make all kinds of different noises.

Juniper became very confident with being vocal. She used her newfound skill to get all the things she wanted, including cuddles.

Hear me roar

She loved to curl up on her foster mom’s lap. Juniper also learned that she could get what she wants by staring daggers into a human’s eyes. Juniper can be a little bit pushy. But doesn’t make her any less loveable.

“Juniper is truly the sweetest, snuggliest, more adoring kitten. She loves to play with the wand toy, curl up on my chest, and eat lots of yummy treats,” Emilie said.

Juniper has not only managed to win her foster mom’s heart and her sister’s heart but she’s also made friends with Emilie’s other foster cats.

Juniper is thriving in her new home with her sister and new friends. She will soon be placed for adoption to find a forever family she can roar at for the rest of her life.

You can get updates on Juniper on Instagram @emiliexfosters.

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