Man and daughter adopted cat when it was left behind by its owners

This cat was left behind by its owners when they moved out. Good thing their neighbor stepped forward and rescued the cat, giving her a loving home.

Absent neighbors

The man who adopted the cat posted the story on Reddit, saying:

“My neighbors left town permanently and forgot their cat….I guess I own a cat now?”

It was shocking that these people would leave their cat behind, but according to the man, it wasn’t too out of the ordinary. He said:

“I am sadly not even surprised. This girl roamed freely around the neighborhood all the time. My daughter always loved when she slept over.”

No cat left behind

It’s clear that even when the neighbors were there, they weren’t taking very good care of their cat. It is a good thing that this man took responsibility and adopted the cat instead of letting her wander the streets as a stray.

Even though the cat wasn’t his and no one asked him to take care of it, he cared for the cat, and his daughter absolutely loved her, so there was no way they were leaving it without a home. He was excited to tell his daughter about the cat, saying:

“She will be in tears when she hears we can keep her.”

Help and love

The cat was already in bad shape when her new owner brought her home. Although she looked good in the picture he took, the man said that she was actually underweight and her fur was thinning.

She didn’t have any diseases, but she would still need lots of help and love. This person was sure that they could provide that. He said:

“I am sure she will be pampered from now on. Turns out my daughter always had kitty snacks in her room for when she visited….I think in a way she has always been at home here too.”

Making herself at home

The cat’s name was Jenny before, but once she was brought to her new home, she was renamed Karen. Just as this man thought, his daughter was thrilled that they would get to keep Karen. The cat already knew how to respond to his daughter’s voice, and they even started watching TV together. Her dad said:

“They seem inseparable already.”

Karen made herself right at home and turned into a vocal, bossy cat with no sense of personal space. When she wanted something that her new owners were eating, she’d get right up in their face and try to steal it from them.

She may be a little crazy, but her new owners love her and wouldn’t give her up for anything. When people commenting on the Reddit post thanked the man for adopting the cat and even called him a hero, he said:

“Nah, my girl loves this cat. It is the normal thing to do.”

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