Person takes care of sweet stray black cat despite strict neighborhood rules

This black cat is a very sweet stray. She has charmed all her neighbors into taking care of her, even though she has no home of her own.

Sweet stray

Someone in this cat’s neighborhood posted a video about this black cat on Reddit, saying she was the sweetest stray they had ever met. In the video, the person pets the cat. She just soaks it up, pushing her head into their head.

Some people who commented on the post said that the cat was so sweet and friendly that she was probably someone’s cat who got lost or abandoned.

But the original poster explained that the cat really was a stray. She was a good weight and had well-groomed fur. But this was thanks to the efforts of several people in the neighborhood who took care of her.

They had known her since last March when a stray tortoiseshell cat gave birth to her and two other kittens. When these cats grew up, they had more litters. This person’s neighborhood became “a little overrun” with cats.

Trying their best to help

Unfortunately, this person and their neighbors are able to do very little for these cats, since their homeowner’s association has strict rules about feeding and interacting with outdoor animals.

They are allowed to feed the cats and provide shelter for them in places that aren’t technically their home property. But they aren’t allowed to do much to trap them or take them into their homes.

This sweet black cat is just one of the many cats that these people are trying to help, in any way they can. It gets cold where they live, so the people in the neighborhood even put out heated outdoor shelters and blankets. Hopefully the cats could have somewhere warm to find shelter.


The person who posted about the cat has gone through a lot to try to help the stray kitties even in their strict homeowner’s association. According to them, they even got in trouble for it.

Someone decided to report them for their cat shelter and food bowls, saying that they were trying to house and feed the wild skunks in the area. The shelter and food were meant for the cats, and they were located in what should have been an allowable place. But this person still got in trouble.

Despite the obstacles, the kind people in this neighborhood still try to help the stray cats in any way they can. This person is especially friends with the sweet stray black cat, and they still work hard to love and take care of her.

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