Kitten’s leg deformity doesn’t slow her down, and she thinks she’s a cheetah!

This special needs kitten couldn’t walk like other cats, since she had a deformity in her front legs. But that didn’t stop her from growing into a healthy, happy kitten who could move and play with no problem.

Leg deformity

When Tulip the kitten arrived at Pumpkin Patch Rescue, a special needs rescue and foster home in California, her new foster mom, Mel, was determined to help her. She thought that Tulip probably had radial hypoplasia, a condition that causes deformities in a cat’s front limbs.

Her goal was to help Tulip properly stand on her front feet through treatment and physical therapy. She said she was remaining “cautiously optimistic” that they could get Tulip onto her feet.

Tulip the T-rex

Tulip’s legs never quite straightened out, so she couldn’t walk like other cats. But that didn’t stop her from learning to move in her own way.

Mel often brought her outside to practicing standing, balancing, and playing. Tulip was a natural at standing on her back legs, with her front legs looking like little T-rex arms.

She could stand for several minutes on just her back legs, and even take several steps like that. Watch out, dinosaur coming through!

Tulip the cheetah

Over time, Tulip learned to run, jump, and play. Mel was proud of her progress. She said:

“Yes, foster Tulip is different from a ‘typical’ cat, but we won’t tell her that! She has no idea! She’s happy to be who she is and we’re here to support that! Even if that means she’s a wild little thing…because she definitely thinks she’s a cheetah.”

Tulip was definitely fast. Who knew that a cat with deformed legs could run so well? She impressed everyone and showed them that cats with disabilities can do anything they want and live their best lives.

Playing and cuddles

As Tulip spent more time in her foster home, she learned to love playing with toys and with the other foster and resident cats. She especially loved resident cat, Pumpkin, since he was so patient with her. She had so much energy. Mel said:

“She is just the silliest and happiest little girl!”

Tulip was also very sweet. She loved cuddles, and she especially liked to cuddle up on a person’s chest. Of course the chosen person was happy to let her, since she was so cute!

Ready for adoption

Tulip’s legs didn’t slow her down at all, and she didn’t have any other health complications, so after her spay surgery, she was ready for adoption! She is still waiting for someone to provide her perfect forever home. Mel said:

“Tulip is available for adoption to a home that can be as loving as she is! (If that’s possible.)”

We hope that she finds the perfect forever home! Once she does, there’s nothing that will stop her from living her best and happiest life.

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