Special needs cat with bent front legs

Kitten’s leg deformity doesn’t slow her down, and she thinks she’s a cheetah!

This special needs kitten couldn’t walk like other cats, since she had a deformity in her front legs. But that didn’t stop her from growing into a healthy, happy kitten who could move and play with no problem. Leg deformity When Tulip the kitten arrived at Pumpkin Patch Rescue, a special needs rescue and foster … Read more

sweet reunion between missing cat and mistress filmed by camera

Missing cat and owner reunite in touching footage filmed by doorbell camera

A couple couldn’t find their cat anywhere in the house. Finally, after searching for their missing cat for several hours, Roxy and her husband were delighted to retrieve their puss. The wonderful surprise was recorded on the surveillance camera. Roxy and Drake Heinhorst have recently settled in East Peoria as their permanent residence. They brought … Read more

Cat mom encourages her kitten to tackle staircase

In a tender video, a cat encourages her hesitant kitten to walk down a staircase

Being a parent does not imply doing everything for one’s children; rather, it entails standing by them while they face and overcome the problems that are unique to them as individuals. A mother cat has proved that she certainly understands this concept, as evidenced by a video where she excitedly encourages her kittens to climb … Read more

Bayley the cat loves owner's daughters

Woman’s rescue cat Bailey became daughter’s playmate

In 2004, a young woman took in a ginger cat in her college dorm. A decade later, after many tribulations, the cat is her daughter’s unconditional friend. Erin Merryn was a student when she found a stray kitten. Moved by the ginger kitty, she hid him in her dormitory even though pets were not allowed … Read more

Cat and bird are the best of friends

Cat and bird develop an unlikely bond and can’t get enough of each other

When Rachell adopted a bird and kittens, she wished them to get along. But the pets surpassed her expectations: they became best friends. Rachell brought a colorful bird into her home at the end of 2020. Thus, she named the green and orange animal Chicken. Later, Rachell peeped at an ad showcasing a fluffy ginger … Read more

lovable cat acts like a baby

Lovable kitten copies everything his owner’s baby boy does

An adorable feline is entirely fascinated by his owner’s baby. After observing his human sibling, the kitten begins to act like a baby himself, appropriating children’s toys and sitting in the baby rocker to watch television. New mother Amanda gave birth to her son Charlie on September 6. The same year, the family got a … Read more