A cat has the most heartwarming reunion with his owner after a month apart

A Canadian woman traveling for a month left her housecat under a friend’s care. When she returned, the puss greeted her with the warmest possible reception.

The cat owner shared a video of the reunion on her Tiktok account, giving viewers fuzzy feelings.

Going away for an extended period can be stressful, even worse if you own a pet you’re leaving behind. That’s the anguish Tiktok user @brigitte_the_realtor from Toronto experienced some time ago.

Because she was leaving for four weeks, the realtor had to find a solution for her cat. Thus, she chose to bring her cat to a friend’s house during this interval.

Following her trip, Brigitte came back to her friends in order to retrieve her tabby cat. The cat’s reaction to seeing her owner after this absence was the cutest thing.

While the cat probably got the best treatment at Brigitte’s friend’s house, it seems there’s no place like home. The realtor posted for her followers a clip of the reunion.

Titled “Reunited with my bestie,” the video has all the ingredients of a viral clip. It shows Brigitte entering a room where her tabby cat is lying on the bed.

Brigitte approaches and scoops the cat; the feline starts cuddling her. Kissing her forehead, the affectionate cat gently plays with Brigitte’s hair.

Withal, the slow music playing in the background is enough to make you catch feels. Take a look.

The cat and owner reunion moved the audience to tears

TikTok’s reaction to the demonstrative video was instant. In five days, the video earned hundreds of thousands of views and countless likes.

People’s opinions were alike: this reunion pulled their emotional strings. User @PJ exclaimed:

“I don’t know why I have water coming out of my eyes🥺🥲😭🥰”

Another commenter @Donna Thomas910 oozed:

“OMG! Cat kisses are the best! 🥺🥺🥺… And look at how much you got! 😭🥺😭🥺”

Many jokingly warned Brigitte that she’d better never leave this cat again. Similarly, @Charlene 🧿 shared her view, writing:

“She missed her Meowmy 😭. Don’t leave her again! 🥺”

Later, Brigitte revealed that the female kitten had been in her life for sixteen years; therefore, they have a privileged relationship.

Furthermore, during her absence, the cat owner explained that she and the kitty regularly used the popular video call app Facetime.

She also doesn’t plan on traveling again anytime soon. There’s one tabby cat who’s probably relieved to hear this news.

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