‘Mastermind’ behind town’s sock thefts turns out to be a cat

Since early summer, a town has been hit by an alarmingly high number of burglaries. Yet, astonishingly, no valuables were stolen: only residents’ socks seem to vanish for no apparent reason.

Finally, the culprit has been found, although he’s too cute to be brought to justice. Indeed, a ginger and white cat named Charlie is the mastermind behind the latest thefts.

Charlie, formerly a stray cat, belongs to Tracy Chambers, who rescued him a year ago. Up until that point, the tomcat has led a typical feline life.

However, Charlie has recently been returning home with unique trophies. The puss has a particular obsession with socks.

Occurring in June 2022, Charlie’s first bounty was a pair of white soccer socks, which Tracy assumed was an isolated incident.  For this reason, the cat’s mom threw away the socks thinking it was nothing to worry about.  

Nevertheless, she was sorely mistaken as the cat had just started his private collection. Since the initial steal, Charlie has not missed a single day of hunting socks in the neighborhood in Rutherglen, Scotland.

Day after day, Tracy’s pile of mismatched socks keeps increasing. In an interview with the local paper Lanarkshire Live, she makes light of the situation.

“It’s a variety that he brings in now, we’ve got pink ones, purple ones, and ones with love hearts on them.”

Apart from gathering stolen socks, Charlie occasionally dabbles in gloves. So naturally, his owner prays the cat doesn’t extend his scope.

Even though Charlie is not Tracy’s first puss, none of her previous pets had shown this inclination. Subsequently, the Scottish citizen ponders the origin of this peculiar behavior in her cat.

The thieving cat turns into a famous criminal

Withal, Tracy started publishing her cat’s discoveries on a Facebook group dedicated to Rutherglen inhabitants to debunk bizarre theories about the vanishing socks.

To this day, no one has come forward to collect any of his stuff. Instead, people have even joked they would leave socks outside for Charlie to find.

Just like that, the orange-and-white kitten has become the most beloved criminal in the area. People found his criminal activities amusing, with many expressing how the story brightened their day.

Jill Iona Lynn wrote:

“Good lighthearted fun & always makes me chuckle 😂”

Meanwhile, little Charlie shows no intent to stop stealing garments. The puss will soon resume his activity, so Rutherglen residents better watch out!

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