Cat needed to switch foster homes when she had two surprise kittens

Nora was a stray cat who was taken to animal services and placed in a foster home. But she wasn’t alone. She surprised everyone when she gave birth to two kittens.

Not every foster home can take care of mama cats and newborn kittens, so they were sent to their new foster home, known as Kitten Kazoodle Fosters on Instagram. This foster home was already almost full, but their new foster mom was willing to find room for Nora and her kittens, since this was really the only place she could go.

Nora and her Knick Knacks

Nora was already doing a great job taking care of her babies, and she was so sweet that it was hard to believe she was a stray. The kittens were also very cute, and their foster mom named them Knick and Knack.

Nora was such a great mom, although she could be a bit picky when it came to her babies. She moved Knick and Knick away from the place that had been set up for them and put them under the bed. Their foster mom tried moving them back a few times unsuccessfully before giving up and putting some blankets and a heating pad under the bed. If Nora was going to insist that the kittens stay there, their foster mom would at least make it as comfortable as possible.

The sweetest cats

As time passed, it was clear that it would be easy to find homes for Nora and her Knick Knacks. Her foster mom said:

“Nora is the sweetest cat. She loves people. Loves belly rubs. Loves to play and loves her boys….Whoever is fortunate enough to adopt this amazing girl will be the luckiest family around.”

Knick and Knack were also growing up enough to start showing their individual personalities. But even though they were different from each other, they loved to do everything together. Their foster mom said:

“Knick and Knack are always together. They play together. Eat together. Sleep together. Soon they’ll be neutered together and be ready to find their home at last together.”

Nora, Knick, and Knack go home

Nora was adopted first, and her foster mom made sure to give her lots of cuddles before she left. Her foster mom loved fostering her, and she was certain that her new family would love her. In the announcement on her Instagram, she said:

“Nora is so easy to love. I’ll miss her adorable chirps, her velvety soft fur & her gorgeous eyes. Be a good girl Nora Nora!!! You’ve found your home at last.”

Woman holding fluffy gray tabby cat
Nora gets some last cuddles from her foster mom before heading off to her new home. Pic credit: @kittenkazoodle_fosters/Instagram

Knick and Knack took a bit longer to find their forever home, but they finally found it. Their foster mom announced just three days ago that they had been adopted. She was so excited for them. She said:

“They’re blessed with 2 doting parents and a great human big sister. I’m sure they’ll be loved and cherished and I can’t wait for my first update.”

Two fluffly tabby kittens
Knick and Knack are ready to go to their new home together. Pic credit: @kittenkazoodle_fosters/Instagram

This foster mom was so glad she was able to provide a home for Nora and her kittens. She encourages other people to foster if they can, since they need all the help they can get to give these cats their best chance at life.

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