Meet Dapper Daniel Diapurrman – a special needs cat who has an incredible owner

Dapper Dan the Diapurrman was rescued from the streets with his siblings when he was six weeks old.

The kittens were brought to a shelter where it was discovered that Dan was dragging his back legs.

Once volunteers at the shelter realized that Dan’s back legs were paralyzed, they called The Orphan Kitten Club to help get him where he needed to be.

Otherwise, he would have been euthanized as most shelters don’t have the ability to care for special needs cats.

Dan needed to be placed in a foster home for some dedicated care.

And The Orphan Kitten Club matched him with a foster mom who had heaps of experience with special needs cats, Shanta Siegler.

Just passing by

Siegler’s home was the perfect place for Dapper Dan to recuperate and adjust to a routine of home life.

Because of his hind leg paralysis he was also incontinent and needed to have his bladder and bowels expressed several times a day, every day.

Siegler was used to doing this for her special needs fosters, and soon Dan was thriving in her care.

Once Dan was healthy and ready to be adopted, the day came for him to leave Siegler’s home and move into his forever home!

Ashley is a cat advocate, rescuer, and aspiring educator, who got the chance to welcome Dan into her home.

Although hesitant at first as to whether she could care for Dan in the ways he needed, once she met him she instantly fell in love.

Spreading the word

Dan joined Ashley’s other rescue cats at her home, and all the foster cats and kittens that came through the doors to!

Ashley is the founder of Biscuits and Breadsticks, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the most vulnerable cats.

Their mission is to help find forever homes for special needs cats, as well as provide education about how to best care for them.

“Help educate veterinarians, shelter staff, volunteers, and pet parents about how to provide stellar preventative care for pets with seemingly complex needs, and hopefully reduce instances of unnecessary euthanasia of mobility challenged and incontinent animals.”

Biscuits and Breadsticks, mission statement.

Recently, the organization was chosen by The Orphan Kitten Club, the very same rescue that took in Dapper Dan years ago, to receive a grant to help improve their facilities.

And Dan will be there to watch over all the work to make sure it is cat-approved.

Black and white tuxedo cat with his front two paws and one of his back legs hanging over a cat bed attached to a cat tree
Dapper Dan the Diapurrman is a great assistant to Ashley as she educates people about special needs cats. Pic credit: @dapperdanthediapurrman/Instagram.
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