Meet Keith the adorable cat who looks like a cow

Keith, the black and white cat, has the markings of a cow and his overweight condition doesn’t really help with the comparison.

His owner Sarah, who rescued him from the streets while she and her daughter were volunteering at an animal shelter, is happy to lean into the likeness.

Keith turned out to be an absolute rascal in the best way.

He would lightly chew on their ears, steal empty packages of food, and try to play board games with the family.

As Sarah says:

“You can be having your darkest day, and Keith will make you laugh”.


Sarah’s daughter has autism, which can be challenging sometimes, particularly when she was younger.

Keith made the perfect companion for her during those times, especially during the initial lock-down periods of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sarah’s daughter struggled with the shift to online lessons, but Keith was there for her every step of the way, rubbing himself on her laptop and staying close by.

A cat laying on top of a book.
Keith always makes sure that homework breaks are taken. Pic credit: @keith_the_cow_cat/Instagram.

Keith has brought joy to this family since he was rescued, and in return, they take the best care of him that they can.

Dietary requirements

Ever since he was adopted, Keith has been on a special veterinary-approved diet to help him lose weight.

But this has proved to be a difficult task.

Not only does Keith torment the family for food, but he also figured out how to open cupboards and tries to rummage around for treats.

A cat staring intently at a treat.
An attempt to teach Keith patience. Pic credit: @keith_the_cow_cat/Instagram.

Even though his behavior makes it challenging, his owners make sure that he only eats the portions they give him.

They also exercise him as much as they can, encouraging him to jump and run around during playtime.

Although every effort was made, Keith still wasn’t losing weight.

Even after several vet visits and endless amounts of money being spent on uncovering the reason why veterinary experts still don’t know what causes this to be the case.

Furthermore, now that several illnesses and conditions have been ruled out, those that are left are ones that wouldn’t be able to be treated anyway.

And so, Sarah and her family have decided that the best thing for Keith is to make sure he is as happy and healthy as he can be for the years to come.

A black and white cat wearing a yellow bow tie.
Keith looking very dashing in a bow tie. Pic credit: @keith_the_cow_cat/Instagram.

That’s probably why they lean into comparing him to a cow; he’s a big cat and as healthy as he can be, so why not have fun with it?

A Photo-shopped image of a black and white cat laying in a field with cows.
A friend of the family made this image of Keith laying around with his brethren. Pic credit: @keith_the_cow_cat/Instagram.
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