This tuxedo cat has stolen the internet’s heart by carrying around his ‘stuffies’

Harpo, a 13-year-old tuxedo cat, caught the attention of the internet when his owner started to share videos of him carrying his soft toys, or ‘stuffies’, around.

He also ‘sings’ – meowing with his mouth full – while waddling because of the awkward position he has to carry the big toys in his mouth.

Harpo sings for his owner while carrying some of his favorite soft toys. Video credit: @RainSurname/Youtube.

Some of Harpo’s favorite stuffies include a mallard duck, a sea monster, and a whale.

It’s uncertain whether little Harpo is simply looking for attention, or thinks that he is being helpful by moving his stuffies around.

Either way, it is adorable and it’s not just his stuffies he carries around.

Sharing is caring

Harpo also enjoys bringing notebooks and pieces of paper to his owner and making sure that they know it.

When Harpo has brought an item to his owner – or left it on the floor – he loudly meows as if to alert his owner of what he has done.

The sweet tuxedo cat brings papers to his owner and loudly announces that he has done so. Video credit: @Rain Surname/Youtube.

It is similar to a cat who has caught a mouse and brings it back to their family to feed on, teaching them about the rewards of a hunt.

Could Harpo be thinking that he has caught something useful and is sharing it with his owner?

Harpo’s owner seems to think it’s more likely that he just enjoys stealing things! Referring to his meows as his “stealing song”.

No matter the reason, his behavior has garnered him some devoted fans.

Bringing Harpo to his fans

Harpo’s owner, Rain Surname has active Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Reddit accounts where they post updates of Harpo, along with some of his feline friends.

On these sites there are numerous videos and compilations of Harpo carrying things, loudly meowing, and walking around to collect more things.

A compilation of Hapro’s adorable behavior. Video credit: @Rain Surname/Youtube.

Harpo also has a fridge magnet obsession, so much so that he tends to steal them off the fridge.

Harpo stealing Pride fridge magnets sent to Rain Surname for Harpo. Video credit: @Rain Surname/Youtube.

Rain Surname asks that anyone who wants to send something to Harpo sends fridge magnets, as there is only so much room for stuffies!

Anyone interested in supporting Harpos adventures can contribute to his ko-fi.

Black tuxedo cat in a box with a soft toy
It’s safe to say that Harpo has captured our hearts. Pic credit: @rainsurname/Instagram.
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