Mel has been twice returned to the shelter and lost an eye but she is a fighter and ready for her forever home!

Mel is a sweet kitty who has been through a lot. She has moved from home to home and is currently residing at Utah Valley Animal Rescue.

She may be missing an eye after her recent surgery, but she’s still as gorgeous as ever!

Mel’s Difficult Journey

Mel first arrived at the Utah Valley Animal Rescue when she was just a young kitten. When she was adopted into a home, she surely thought she had found her forever family.

But four years later, Mel was returned. Her owners had adopted another cat, and they stated that Mel didn’t get along with the new cat, which is why they decided to return her.

After four years of living in a home, Mel was back at the animal rescue, she was sad and distressed.

Mel was adopted again, surely she had found her home at last! Sadly she was returned soon after her adoption. There was a problem with one of her eyes, and her owners couldn’t afford to pay for the medical attention she needed.

Mel was back at the rescue again, now she was even more sad and confused, and her eye was in pain.

A ginger tabby cat with an injured right eye.
Mel before her surgery, looking brave and beautiful. Pic credit: @UtahValleyAnimalRescue/Facebook

The staff at Utah Valley Animal Rescue took her to a vet, who diagnosed the problem: an ulcer in her eye. It was too late to heal it safely, so they had to have her eye surgically removed.

Helping Mel

The rescue posted Mel’s story to their Facebook page on July 29th. They explained that Mel is now recovering from her surgery and will be available for adoption after she heals.

They also asked the Facebook community for donations to help pay for Mel’s medical bill and started a fundraiser on the website

The response from the community was overwhelmingly positive, with people commenting on how sweet and beautiful Mel looks, how sorry they were to hear her story, and their eagerness to come to Mel’s aid.

Facebook comments responding to Mel's story with love and sympathy.
Comments from the post on the rescue’s Facebook page. Pic credit: @UtahValleyAnimalRescue/Facebook

Several commenters promised to donate. Others expressed interest in adopting Mel.

Utah Valley Animal Rescue thanked the people who responded and encouraged those who were interested in adoption to fill out the necessary applications.

On August 2nd, a Facebook user asked how Mel was doing, and Utah Valley Animal Rescue replied, “Really well. Her eye looks good.”

On August 3rd, the rescue added an update on, saying, “Mel is doing very well and her eye is looking so much better, we will be posting an updated photo soon!”

Thanks to the support from the amazing people at this animal rescue and from all the people who answered the call to help, it looks like Mel is well on her way to being a healthy, happy cat and finally finding her forever home.

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