Missing cat and owner reunite in touching footage filmed by doorbell camera

A couple couldn’t find their cat anywhere in the house. Finally, after searching for their missing cat for several hours, Roxy and her husband were delighted to retrieve their puss. The wonderful surprise was recorded on the surveillance camera.

Roxy and Drake Heinhorst have recently settled in East Peoria as their permanent residence. They brought along their pet Oliver, an American Shorthair.

The five-year-old puss usually plays it safe. He remains in his warm home and does not venture outside too often.

Spending time with his family is his ultimate hobby, so when one day Roxy couldn’t find Oliver for hours, the family reportedly went into panic mode.

The event took place on Tuesday, September 27th of this year. Roxy and Drake had to leave the house in a hurry that morning so they could make it to their respective workplaces on time.

All this commotion in the otherwise quiet house must have prompted the British Shorthair to go for a promenade. Unfortunately, Oliver’s owners didn’t notice their kitty stepping out of the house until they returned home from work.

Once they figured out the cat was missing, the couple started looking for him. However, a review of the surveillance camera showed that Oliver had gone for a walk.

Worried, Roxy and Drake hurried outside, scouring the neighborhood and asking the people who lived there whether any of them had seen Oliver.

The couple conducted a thorough hunt and left no stones unturned, but there was no sign of the cat. Finally, at seven o’clock in the evening, Roxy had just stepped outside to drape Oliver’s blanket over the front porch when she spotted something moving.

A graceful silhouette was slowly walking up the path toward the home. Roxy and Drake recognized their pet; it was Oliver.

Oliver made his way back to his house less than a day after he vanished.

“We were so glad to know he was safe as we live near a busy highway, and also, our neighborhood has had coyote issues before,” Drake said

His mistress was overcome with emotion and relief. As a result, she rushed over to give him a bear embrace. The doorbell camera captured the sweet moment.

Watch the footage below:

The event has made the couple more cautious, hoping that Oliver will not repeat the outdoor experience.

In the meantime, the couple intends to watch the pet closely.

According to Talker, Roxy’s house has a screened-in patio where the kitten likes spending time getting some fresh air. Thus, she hopes this will keep the cat pleased.

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