cross eyed calico cat

This woman, formerly afraid of cats, adopted a cross-eyed cat with strabismus and could not be happier

A woman named Jeanine had a former fear of cats until she adopted an adorable cross-eyed cat when her parent’s friend’s cat had a surprise litter of kittens. The adorable feline Fritz may not look like a scholar but she delivers in the love department. In an adorable video testimony on YouTube, cat mom Jeanine … Read more

Cross-eyed cat with tongue sticking out wearing a bow tie

Mom didn’t want her daughter to get a cat, but now he’s part of their family

Kyla’s mom had a no-pet policy, and she didn’t want her daughter to get a cat. But when Kyla got a cat anyway, her mom had to get used to him being part of their family. Kyla knew that her mom would be upset, but she couldn’t resist adopting precious little Bundy, an adorable cross-eyed … Read more