Meet Chonk, the chatterbox cat who never stops talking

When Chonk’s family adopted him they had no way of knowing how much the ginger kitty had to say — and that he would prove to be a huge chatterbox.

Chonk’s owner Kalea recently shared with GeoBeats Animals the story of how the chunky orange tabby had chatted his way into her family’s home and hearts.

No more cats!

Kalea shared that her best friend’s mother had rescued two ginger kittens who had been left on the roadside, one of whom was a very chatty sort.

As soon as Kalea met the kitten who had a lot to say, she knew that he belonged with her family. Unfortunately, her mother didn’t agree as she was insistent that their household did not need another feline roaming the halls. 

But, Kalea refused to give up and hatched a plan to bring the chatterbox kitten home.

Chonk, the irresistible 

In the video shared by GeoBeats Animals, Kalea said that she was sure that if she could just convince her mother to meet the sociable ginger kitten, then he would steal her heart and she was right! Kalea explained: 

“Finally I convinced her to just come to see the kittens, and obviously that’s not at all what happened, she immediately fell in love with him and we adopted him right there.”

Quite a conversationalist 

It wasn’t long before the family realized that peace and quiet was officially a thing of the past now that Chonk was around. It turned out that the ginger cat had an opinion about everything, and his own incessant meows proved to be his favorite sound.

Though, Kalea admitted that her family was probably part of the reason why Chonk felt encouraged to lean into his very chatty nature, saying: 

“He’s an extremely talkative cat and it’s probably because most of my family just talks to him 24/7.”

It’s quite common for members of the family to end up in elaborate verbal sparring matches with the outgoing feline, arguing their point back and forth, forgetting that they are actually squabbling with a cat. That is how powerful of a conversationalist Chonk truly is.

Who are you talking to?

Kalea even shared that visiting friends have been shocked to be at her home and enter a room to find her seemingly talking to herself, unaware that they have actually interrupted a lively one-on-one chat with Chonk. She explains:

“In our house, it’s not really uncommon to hear one of us having a conversation with Chonk.”

The chatty Chonk has an Instagram page (which he shares with his brother Beans) where you can catch up on everything that this very opinionated ginger kitty has to say!

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