Two pictures of brown Persian cat, one with wide eyes, the other squinting

Noodle the friendly cat has a less friendly alter ego: Needle

Noodle is a friendly, loveable cat, but he has a dark secret: his alter ego, Needle. Noodle will stare at you with adorable googly eyes, but when he’s upset, he will transform into Needle and judge you with a squinty gaze. Noodle and Needle have two separate Instagram accounts: @friendly.noodles and @unfriendly.needles. Their followers have … Read more

A white Persian and ragdoll cats stand by a cardboard obstacle wall

TikTok cats Mia and Jerrie show off their skills on homemade obstacle courses

Meet TikTok’s Ambassadors of Fluff, Mia and Jerrie! These two fluffy kitties have taken the platform by storm, with 4.8 million followers. In some of their most popular videos, they tackle the challenging obstacle courses that their owner makes for them. The cat’s owner, Julia, first adopted Mia in October 2020. She started posting cat … Read more

A white fluffy cat looks out from behind a chair.

Meet Teeny Kini: the Persian cat with feline dwarfism

Kini’s owner Adina found her on a pet adoption website after she was surrendered by her previous owners. The shelter that was looking after Kini told Adina that her last owners had moved and couldn’t take Kini with them. This sounded suspicious to Adina, as Kini is a purebred Persian cat, and she didn’t think … Read more