Black cat sitting in leaves outside

Person takes care of sweet stray black cat despite strict neighborhood rules

This black cat is a very sweet stray. She has charmed all her neighbors into taking care of her, even though she has no home of her own. Sweet stray Someone in this cat’s neighborhood posted a video about this black cat on Reddit, saying she was the sweetest stray they had ever met. In … Read more

The Cat Walk, a virtual event to help stray cats

Pet insurance firm holds the Cat Walk to raise money for animal shelters

This weekend, an event was held for the benefit of homeless cats. Agria, a French pet insurance company, hosted “La Balade des Chats.” Free, supportive and digital, this event allowed the public to donate to overcrowded refuges. Thus, the insurer committed to donating 5 euros per participant to an animal shelter. It’s 2022, and abandonment … Read more

Mayhew shelter helps distressed pet owners

A British charity helps pet owners facing hardships keep their animals

An animal welfare association assist pet owners in precarious situations with taking care of their animals, so they don’t have to abandon them. Mayhew provides, food, shelter and community support to animals. Pets’ rejection is hitting an all-time high in some nations. But, alas, some owners don’t necessarily make this decision lightly. In reality, many … Read more

MSPCA flies cats to Massachussetts

More than 150 stray cats were flown to a different state in huge effort to find them happy homes

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) has recently introduced a massive new initiative known as Southern Hub. This action aims to reduce the number of cats in shelters by helping them find new homes. In this context, the MSPCA successfully flew over 150 stray cats from Florida to Massachusetts, US … Read more

Two images: one of a kitten with a tilted head and one of the kitten with two large cats.

An adopted kitten with torticollis is beloved by her older cat siblings

A woman in Sacramento, California, rescued a kitten with a tilted head (a condition known as torticollis). Once the rescuer brought the feline home, her two cats took the kitten under their wing and decided to keep her as a member of their household. Front Street Animals in Sacramento, California, where Haley Waugh served as … Read more

A black cat sits on a sofa.

This 18-year-old abandoned cat found a loving home

Older cats that arrive at shelters are often ignored by their adopters. But this sweet-faced tomcat and a selfless woman have found each other and are determined to enjoy life together. In Newbury, England, Cats Protection has a specialization in fostering and placing elderly cats for adoption. Dizzy, an 18-year-old black male, came to the … Read more