Phoebe was a former foster cat, now she helps other kittens get adopted

Phoebe was the 25th foster cat for Stephanie and her husband, and their first failure as a foster- because she never left!

When she was first rescued, it was discovered that she had severe cerebellar hypoplasia, sometimes called “wobbly cat syndrome”.

Cerebellar hypoplasia is a congenital condition that affects the movement and coordination parts of a cat’s brain, causing them to shake or wobble.

The condition is painless and does not affect their life expectancy, but it does mean they need extra care.

When Phoebe was first taken to a vet, they suggested she be euthanized. Luckily, the rescue sought a second opinion where the zest for life in Phoebe’s eyes determined that she should live.

The next step was finding a foster home that would give her the special care she needed and that’s when Stephanie met her.

Foster turned forever home

Stephanie and her husband had never fostered a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia before, so the first thing they did when they brought her home was research.

They practically became experts over the next few weeks, and as they began talking to families about getting Phoebe adopted, something didn’t feel right.

Stephanie in particular had bonded with Phoebe, and didn’t want to let her go. It’s easy to see why, she is such a beautiful kitty and has the sweetest meow!

Once the couple decided to keep her, Stephanie began introducing activities to try to help Phoebe get used to moving around in the hope that her condition might improve a little.

This included lots of playtime, adventures outdoors, and even swimming!

Since Stephanie began doing all the physical training and therapies with Phoebe, her condition has changed from severe to moderate, which is a great improvement.

The fostered becomes the foster-er

When Stephanie and her husband decided to officially adopt Phoebe, they still planned on fostering more cats and kittens alongside her.

Stephanie and her husband have fostered over twenty-five more cats since Phoebe and this time they have her help.

Despite being dubious of the company at first, Phoebe soon took to her new role as a feline mentor to the incoming cats.

Not only that, but it turns out Phoebe is a natural at being a big sister, as Stephanie and her husband discovered when they had a baby in February of this year.

Phoebe is very protective of her little human sister and is great at babysitting.

Stephanie, her husband, and their adopted foster cats and kittens over the years are so grateful that Phoebe was given them a second chance at life.

Their lives wouldn’t be as full of love without her.

A black and white long-haired cat sits on a blanket
Phoebe was always full of life, and now she really gets to live it thanks to Stephanie. Pic credit: @phoebe_the_ch_kitty/Instagram.
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