Bunny and Otter are two incredibly special kittens who will melt your heart

Bunny and Otter were found at only 3-4weeks old abandoned by their mother. The two kittens were not doing well, they had upper respiratory infections, diarrhea, fleas, and several infections in their eyes and on their head between them. They both also had missing front limbs, so they would need an experienced foster care if … Read more

a kitten sits in a red basket with her back to the camera.

This woman became the guardian angel of a disabled kitten she rescued from the streets

A young woman and her brother found a tiny orange disabled kitten in the middle of the road, dragging its back legs behind it. The kitten was in bad condition, aside from its immobile legs, its eyes were weeping mucus, it was having trouble breathing and it didn’t seem to have a voice, although it … Read more

A kitten with a malformed face reaches up at the camera.

Pinocchio was born with countless health issues – but his rescuers refuse to give up on him

Pinocchio was brought into the Friends For Life Rescue Network with a lot of medical issues. He had an umbilical hernia, a cross bite that caused his canines to poke into his jaw, and a deformed nose. Not only was he dealing with these congenital conditions, but he was also malnourished, dehydrated, and infested with … Read more