Rescue cat with terminal cancer shows extraordinary tenacity in California shelter

Since being taken in by a California animal welfare group, a cat in critical condition has provided everyone who comes into contact with him with an essential lesson on the value of perseverance.

Rescue cat Santana came to a shelter in a precarious condition. The cancer-stricken feline urgently needed treatment.

With the shelter staff’s love and care, Santana is now doing better. Although he is in the terminal stage of the disease, the cat has shown impressive resilience and is living his best life.

Santana was formerly a stray cat. While he was aimlessly walking the streets, he was discovered by a family in their San Bernardino neighborhood in California.

The kitten seemed in excruciating pain and had a big lump on his chin. His finders tried to help by giving him food and water, but it was clear that food wouldn’t be enough.

He needed medical attention. The family mother got in touch with a local animal rescue organization known as Cats of San Bernardino, who agreed to welcome the puss.

Santana was admitted to the shelter with a dangerously low body weight despite the best efforts to feed him. In addition, the cat had a slew of conditions.

First, he struggled with worm infections and inflamed teeth, hence the lump. He also presented various respiratory problems.

At last, his exams revealed an upsetting diagnosis. Santana had an advanced stage of feline cancer.

With such an unfortunate result, one would expect the exhausted cat and the shelter staff to give up, but they all did the opposite.

The sick cat leans in the battle

To alleviate Santana’s pain, the vets gave him medication. In addition, they utilized an incubator to maintain his body temperature at an average level.

Moreover, it was evident that he felt safe in his little bubble, a departure from his arduous stray life. The shelter volunteers believe that Santa has made small headways every day.

In the beginning, he could barely move on his own, so the fact that he is currently drinking heavily and all by himself is an encouraging development.

As they spent more time with their patient, his caretakers discovered that Santana was a social butterfly. He takes great pleasure in the company of people.

It’s not rare to catch him dozing off on his helpers’ lap. So comfortable.

Cats of San Bernadino dutifully chronicles the cat’s battle against cancer on their social media page. Regular posts give fans updates on the kitten’s routine, medical appointments, and daily activities.


Santana Update!Our beautiful boy was out early this morning to enjoy his yard time before the scorching got sun came out. It has been so hot lately 🥵Big man is still doing well. He’s eating more than ever and can’t wait to get and about in the yard to strut around. He doesn’t have much more of an update but wanted to say hello to everyone. If anyone missed it we did start a new merchandise campaign. 100% of the proceeds will go towards rescuing more cats in need like our Santana Man. After popular request we did add Santana stickers 🤗 If you already purchased a support pack, don’t worry, you will get a Santana sticker too ❤️You can find our new Merch by visiting the link in our bio @catsofsanbernardino

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The volunteers take the time to acknowledge and appreciate any progress, no matter how minute. Withal, these publications never fail to garner cheering reactions from followers.

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