Six kittens, tabbies and calicos and black cat

Six “Jersey Shore” kittens grew up well even when their mama cat was sick

In another article, we introduced Jersey, a mama cat who waited to have her babies until after her foster mom got back home. Now, we think it’s time to meet her “Jersey Shore” kittens. Their foster mom, Stephanie, calls the kittens the little “Shores,” since they’re named after characters from the TV show Jersey Shore. … Read more

Ginger momma cat and four ginger kittens.

These “Golden Girls” momma cat and four kittens were very rare

Lori White, a foster kitten mom for ARPO, had a big surprise coming: a beautiful ginger momma cat and her litter of four ginger kittens were on their way to her foster home. Discovery in the basement These cats were found in the basement of a vacant home by someone who had come to clean … Read more

Three kittens: one gray, one calico, one black

Foster mom was supposed to babysit three kittens temporarily, but they stayed until adoption

Three kittens, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, came to Lori’s kitten foster home for her to babysit. She was supposed to take care of them for only a few days while their other foster mom was gone. Babysittin’ kittens Mario, Luigi, and Peach had been rescued as tiny kittens from a hoarding house. There had … Read more

Orange kitten plays fetch with blue balloon

Porkchop the cat’s favorite toy is a PAW Patrol balloon

Cats often come with their own special personality quirks, and Porkchop is no exception. This orange tabby kitten not only has quite a fun and unique name, but he also has some interesting preferences for the toys that he plays with. The irresistible balloon His owner spared no expense to keep Porkchop and his other … Read more

Four gray tabby kittens

Four “shipwrecked” kittens found on a boat find a safe harbor in their foster home

Late one night, a kitten foster mom for Home at Last Rescue picked up a litter of four tiny kittens. They didn’t have their mother, so she would have to spend the whole night taking care of them and bottle feeding them herself. She was doing a great job, but they wouldn’t stop crying for … Read more

Two kitten brothers

Foster kitten brothers overcome their disabilities and are adopted together

Two kitten brothers, Fettuccine and Alfredo, also known as the Noodle Boys, had a difficult foster journey, but they made it through everything together and are now in the forever home of their dreams. A rough start The two kittens were rushed to their foster mom, Jordan, in a state of emergency. When they arrived, … Read more

Four kittens stand inside fake cardboard TV set

Four foster kitten sisters were nothing but “Good Trouble”

These kitten sisters were rescued and raised in foster care. Now they have been adopted out in pairs to their forever homes. The kittens were taken from a local animal shelter by Jordan Jones, a foster and volunteer at Juliet’s House Animal Rescue. She would take care of them until they were old enough to … Read more