Pregnant cat waits to give birth until her foster mom returns from a trip

Cat foster mom Stephanie was getting a new addition to her foster home, a very pregnant mama cat named Jersey. Stephanie was excited to help the cat give birth and see all the newborn kittens, but there was just one problem: she was on a trip away from home. She was worried that she wouldn’t get back in time for the cat to give birth. She was also worried about how her cat sitters would react and if they’d be able to handle the situation. Her only hope was that Jersey would wait until she returned.

Please wait!

Jersey was due any day, and Stephanie still had several days left in her trip. She hoped that Jersey would be able to wait until she got back. Just in case, she contacted some people to have them ready to help. But she had never missed a birth for one of her pregnant foster cats, so she really didn’t want to miss this one!

While she was still away from home, Stephanie did her best to be as involved as possible. She had someone set up a camera focused on Jersey’s nesting box so she could keep an eye on the cat from a distance. Time was ticking, and Stephanie could feel the suspense. She said in an Instagram post:

“I’m watching from across the border and having a nervous breakdown. I’ll be home in 24 hours and I’m praying she will just wait that long to have these babies.”

Would she get back from her trip in time, or would Jersey have her babies first?

Flying home

It was finally time for Stephanie’s flight home. She was crossing her fingers that her flight would come on time, and that she’d be able to hurry home.

But crossing her fingers didn’t help. Her flight was delayed at least twice, setting her further back. There was very little she could do. She just hoped Jersey would hang on just a little longer.

Those final few hours must have felt like an eternity, but Stephanie finally made it back home. To her relief, Jersey had not given birth yet. She had won the race against time!

Worth the wait

She even made it back with a few hours to spare. Just two and a half hours after her flight landed, Jersey went into labor.

Stephanie was so happy that she could be there for her. She said:

“What a good girl to wait for me. Prayers for an easy delivery and healthy kittens and momma.”

When it was over, Jersey had given birth to six healthy, beautiful kittens. It was worth the wait. Stephanie was so happy she could help Jersey and be the first to see her beautiful new babies.

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