Cat’s unimpressed reaction to new electronic toy has netizens giggling

The owners of Tabby cat believed that by surprising their feline with a new interactive toy, they would delight him. However, the animal’s reaction was less than thrilling.

After the cat owner posted the cat’s response to the gift on Twitter, users’ reactions to the clip on Twitter ranged from enjoyment to outright hilarity.

Cats are affectionate creatures capable of showering their owners with tender gestures and attention. Moreover, their curiosity and sense of observation are unparalleled.

That said, pusses have also mastered the art of expressing their disagreement or indifference in simple ways. For example, a death stare or a haughty posture will let everyone know when the critter is not in the mood.

A Twitter user was recently confronted with his cat’s perceptible disappointment after buying the feline what he considered the perfect gift.

Under the alias @Buitengebieden, the pet owner from the Netherlands published a recording of his unsuccessful surprise.

In the media, a tabby cat sits in front of an electronic toy. The object is a green plastic dome with a few openings, and a fake mouse appears out of them at random intervals.

Considering cats’ propensity for a game of catch, the humans hoped this puss would be excited about the device.  

In most cases, this strange toy piques the cat’s interest, encouraging him to try to capture the elusive fake mouse. But things took a different turn.

This cat’s reaction: #Notinterested

In reality, the tabby looks at the green object for a few seconds, then casts a disdainful glance at his owner as if to say:

“Is this what you were fussing about? We’re done here.”

The four-legged creature then proceeds to walk past his humans, visibly unimpressed. Total failure is a good summary of how this surprise went.

 If this cat didn’t appreciate his parents’ efforts, netizens’ reactions to the publication certainly made up for it. The funny post has been viewed four million times since its upload on October 2.

Commenters found the cat’s reaction sidesplitting. His indifference reminded others of their own failed gifts to their pets.

Simeon Visser

@simeonvisser interpreted the cat’s facial expression as:

“My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.”

User @Kim_Goren82, who also owns a cat,  wrote in the comments section:

“Lol, only a cat can do that level of contempt.”

Contempt is an excellent way to describe this cat’s response. Some users believe the kitten would probably have more fun with the green toy box.

Let’s hope the owner didn’t throw it away.

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