‘Quacking’ cat loves to talk and watch TV

Toffee is as sweet of a cat as her name suggests and it’s all in the way she talks. Toffee’s mom says she’s a very talkative cat that is always asking her to turn on the TV.

Toffee doesn’t talk or meow like other cats, her owner says it’s more like a “quacking.” She refers to it as a “mek.” And there’s a lot of “mekking” that goes on when it’s time to watch TV.

Cat and mouse

Her favorite show appears to be one with a huge mouse on the screen—probably some kind of cat TV YouTube video.

She just looks up at the screen and starts mekking when she wants to watch. According to her mom, who runs the cat’s TikTok page, Toffee just really wants to catch that mouse.

And when mom asks Toffee if she wants the TV to go on, Toffee goes crazy, quacking away at her mom. But Toffee is known to be a bit of a chatterbox, even when it isn’t TV time.


Extra long mek meks for this week’s TV Tuesday ! #tophsworld #catsoftiktok #cattv #tvtuesday

♬ original sound – Toph

Toffee will talk about anything and everything just to be able to communicate with her mom. She always lets everyone know what’s on her mind.

Let’s just say that Toffee has no problem with opening up, she’s a very vocal cat. The way she vocalizes what is on her mind has people on the internet in hysterics.

Viral quacker

A video of Toffee quacking at the TV ended up going viral and has now gotten more than 1 million views.

Toffee can sometimes have a bit of a cattitude and when she’s in one of her moods, she doesn’t talk at all.

Apparently, her mom didn’t let her attack the broom while she was cleaning. So, that meant that mom got the cold shoulder for the rest of the night.


Tophy still isnt feeling 100%, but we’re watching TV today so she feels better🤍 #catsoftiktok #tophsworld #cattv

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

But that immediately changes once mom puts on the tube again for her “TV time.” Watching TV always makes Toffee feel better.

When Toffee isn’t watching TV and mekking about, she loves to play around the house.

She usually has a good case of the zoomies in the morning, she also likes to play catch. Her owner will throw toys and Toffee will snatch them right up.

Basically, Toffee is the cutest quacking cat that you’ve ever seen!

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