Sad-looking orange tabby cat

BenBen, the “saddest cat on the internet,” is actually a very happy cat celebrity

Meet BenBen, the “saddest cat on the internet!” His face may look naturally sad, and his life might have been rough before he was adopted, but now he’s as happy as can be and is even a cat celebrity. BenBen the cat has been a social media celebrity since 2016. Ever since he was a … Read more

Choupette Lagerfeld is a feline icon

The extravagant lifestyle of Choupette, Chanel fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s kitten

The late Karl Lagerfeld, a longtime designer of the fashion house, had many muses throughout his illustrious career. But one truly held a special place in the couturier’s heart: his Sacred cat of Burma, Choupette. Since Lagerfeld adopted her in 2011, Choupette became a celebrity in her own right, booking photoshoots and bagging campaigns. After … Read more

In a black and white image engineer Vaniman holds a tabby cat.

Meet Kiddo: the famous airborne cat who helped to shape history

A grey tabby cat named Kiddo made history on October 15, 1910, when he became the first of his species to undertake an airship crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. During his trip, Kiddo marked aviation history even further. The first-ever radio message emitted from air to shore wasn’t about science, technology, or a similar matter. … Read more