A student can’t afford her cat’s surgery, but she gets unexpected help

A young student had an injured cat who needed costly treatment. The pet owner was desperate to treat her ailing companion, but the cat surgery would cost thousands of dollars.

In short, the clinic was asking for money she didn’t have. However, when they heard about her plight, a slew of individuals, including a veterinarian, raced to help her.

Nina Sandovall, from British Columbia in Canada, owns two rescue cats. She adopted two kittens sibling from a local shelter.

One day, she noticed one of her pets was struggling. The cat, named Syre, jumped out of his warm bed and instantly started meowing unusually after a moment of silence.

Because the pain was so intense, the poor kitty could no longer stand on his paw. The woman told Eagle Valley News that as soon as she realized Syre was in discomfort, she rushed him to the emergency veterinary clinic closest to their home.

At the animal hospital in Kelowna, they performed an x-ray on the sick kitten. The test cost the young woman three hundred dollars.

As a full-time student, Nina Sandovall does not have much disposable income. Consequently, simply paying for this x-ray set her back an enormous amount of money.

After the exam, Nina learned that Syre’s femur was broken and that he would require surgery to fix the bone. Additionally, such a treatment would cost Nina as much as three thousand dollars. A fortune for a student.

That same evening, Nina Sandovall learned that her cat had a “genetic defect” in his femur, which put him in danger of breaking his leg.

However, the student asserts that she was unaware of this condition when she rescued him and his sibling.

Nina’s plea for her cat surgery

Her cat’s well-being was Nina’s top priority, but she did not have the necessary resources to pay for Syre’s expensive treatment. Nina Sandovall was at a loss for what to do because her cats were a considerable part of her life.

Fortunately, the student didn’t have to face this challenge alone. Dr. Oz, a veterinarian at the Rose Valley Clinic, was moved by the story Nina told.

The practician suggested performing the treatment on Syre while offering a cost reduction. Moreover, the Okanagan Humane Society also volunteered to aid Nina and her kitten.

This charity works for animal welfare and offers a program to help pet owners through tough times financially by covering the price of veterinary care and other services.

Syre’s surgery went ahead without a hitch, and the feline is now in the phase of recovery.  With Nina’s care, this kitty will be back on its feet in no time.

Nina shared her gratitude towards her benefactors in her story.

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